Small Decoration Can Freshen-Up Your Home Without Costing a Fortune

It is always the small things that matter, whether you shift a few books on the wooden racks or add collectibles to the shelves. Tiny decorative elements vibe with the theme of the decor and don’t even cost a fortune while re-creating a room. Love Kankei believes in making your interior moments beautiful with its non-expensive range. We bring in some useful tips to freshen-up your home with these adorable items.

Wall corner shelf

Fruit and Juice Station

Now, forget about cluttering the breakfast and dining tables with fruits bowls or juice cans, make clever use of the corner wall space. Add wall corner shelves in your kitchen, then adorn these wooden vintage shelves with mini fruit baskets and juice cans. You can also place a recycled wooden table under these shelves to set up a full fruit juice station with juice containers, juicers and jugs filled with refreshing beverages. A lovely way to entertain your guests and kids during a family get together.

A Statement wall

Your bathroom can look plush with a statement wall, just change the old wallpaper into a vibrant mix of colors. You can also re-paint the walls in tones of gold and black for a luxurious effect. For extra space add bathroom storage shelves on the featured wall, color them according to the set theme and enjoy putting off assorted bath items and towels on these rustic shelves. You can also decorate the shelves with family pictures, flower vases and eclectic exhibit items.

A Rug and Picture Headboard

A huge throw rug on the floor of faux fur can make all the difference in your bedroom, you can create the perfect ambience with by adding a few throw pillows on it. Choose a vibrant color and pattern, place a floor lamp for a gorgeous illuminating outcome. Instead of a plain wooden headboard for the bed, switch up the wall space with hanging photo frames. A collage of your favorite memories on these wooden picture displays will make the room nostalgic and chic.

Kitchen Rack Coffee table

It will be quiet unsual and eccentric to convert the kitchen pot rack into a floating coffee table vignette. This will instantly uplift the atmosphere of the stuffy kitchen, add fresh flower pot, a decorative tray with recipe books, golden figurines and some delicate pottery or chinaware. You can also embellish the pot rack with dainty coffee and tea mugs, this will become the talking point among your guests.

Sticky Tiles

A simple way to remodel your floor space is by re-decorating it with sticky tiles, these are inexpensive and look glamorous without tearing off the original flooring. Especially if you have a rented home and you want to make some quick voguish additions to it, then go for faux tiles to make your living area, bathroom and kitchen stylish.

Love Kankei decor items are modish and come in a variety of options to revamp your homes. Fortunately, these killer stylish products are available within your budget and are fine tuned to make you pick up your decor plans to just renovate.


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