5 Best-Selling Christmas Wall Decoration Ideas in your Budget

There are many ways to ring in the winter bells and celebrate Christmas with festive decor, especially if you are looking for last minute interior inspirations. Love Kankei allows you to stay merry and bright throughout the winter season with choicest decor items. Deck up your walls with our budget friendly decoration ideas, do not wait for last minute touch ups, but go for a full lavish display in your living space.

Wall Hanging Shelves

Fun Signs

Spruce up your bathroom walls with eccentric Christmas signs and frames; embellish the wooden bathroom storage shelves with faux mulberry vines. A luxurious way to decorate is to add golden figurines, snow globes and little vintage dolls. The framed signs could be funny quotes, family pictures with inspirational words, holiday movie scenes and Christmas carols. Wreaths in glass cases are also enticing when it comes to making your bathroom look festive.

Use Calligraphy

Stick to the basics and make use of simple calligraphic words to cheer up the ambience. Words like ‘Merry Christmas’, ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’ and ‘Deck the Halls’ arranged beautifully with vintage ornaments, cards and the nativity scene on wall shelves bring the classic era alive. Set up a hot cocoa machine along with marshmallows and cookies underneath the wooden floating shelves to entertain the guests while you host winter parties.

A wonderful display

Use reclaimed wood to make hand-painted Christmas recipe boards and hang them decoratively on hanging display shelves in the kitchen. Your grandmother’s famous pie, the delicious Yule log recipe, plum cake recipe and sweet treats all proudly exhibited all over the kitchen. Embellish the racks with colorful streamers, candy cane and stockings, fill in the stockings with tasty assortments for your kids and pets. An ideal way to create a scrumptious atmosphere during the holiday season.

Keep the kids Engaged

Prepare a fun activity calendar for your kids with specific tasks and play time during the day until Christmas eve. It could be cleaning their room one day, putting away their toys neatly, making their bed, or crafting colorful cards. Countdown the days till they can unwrap the gifts under the Christmas tree with their good behaviour. Hang this super imaginative advent calendar in their room, make use of the tier corner shelves to reward them with holiday collectibles like a Santa, reindeer, or a cherubic angel each day to show off on these stilted shelves.

Ditch the Mat

We all know that a funky welcome mat at the entrance suprises the guests and loved ones, ditch it this year and go for a wall hanging photo frame. Hang this on your entrance door, entryway, living room space or mudroom entrance. The snow will anyways sweep right onto your mats hence these family pictures as welcome sign is unique and innovative. You can gather a funny or shoot a holiday special collage. An excellent idea of greetings for the jolly season. Adorn the picture frame with a stunning wreath or copious satin ribbons themed around Christmas.

Love Kankei decor items are made to remind your loved ones the magic of the holiday season. Your abode will soon resemble Santa’s favorite place – the North pole, whether its the farmhouse rustic aesthetic or the modern touches of a bustling city. Your in-the-budget decor will definetley crack a few smiles this Noel season.

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