Inspiring Home Decor Ideas with Rustic Wood Furniture!

An aesthetic taste is imbibed in the way we dress up our rooms, we can effortlessly spot a nature lover when we see subtle wood toned furniture’s throughout the house. If you are already not a fan of earthy tones, then we suggest you take a quick look at the all the amazing wooden inspired decor items by Love Kankei. You are sure to fall in love and turn your living space into versatile timber beauty.

Rustic wall Decoration

An Antique Set up

There is nothing more romantic than an antique dining table set up, vintage handmade wooden chairs and a large table. Embellished with old styled plates and dinner ware, with a traditional vase filled with fresh garden flowers. To compliment this natural look we suggest you adorn the walls with an heirloom collection exhibit on wall display shelves. Place clay and stone sculptures as a striking combination to the rustic decor theme. Complete the vintage look with a large aged picture frame or mirror and flamboyant curtains.

Flaunting the Daybed

A cozy timber daybed is all you need to lounge around while reading your favorite book, why not turn this into an enticing reading nook? Install wall hanging shelves to show off your vast book collection, the wood and metal shelves are a sturdy addition to bare walls. Render a modern edge to this snug nook with winged chairs, a thick floor rug and a country styled floor lamp.

Compliments the Stone

If you have a large stone fireplace in the middle of the room, then turn it into a feaured wall with the addition of tier corner shelves. The subtle hint of timber to the sides of the mantle space will make it effortless to display artwork, picture frames and sculpted items. Thus leaving your mantle place free for more collectibles, artifacts and books. Thus an elegant arrangement for the side walls is recreated with an epoch made of wood effect.

A sense of Reclaim

White washed walls adorned with reclaimed wood styled bathroom storage is apt to set a down-to-earth ambiance in the bath. The rural wooden shelves make space for all of your toiletries, spa items and bath essentials. They also act like an extra storeroom space for towels and vanity items. You can DIY, paint these shelves to the color and theme of your choice to complete the customized look. To make things look more interesting add a wood based chandelier and marble top sinks with gold accent. Thus creating a rich spa style premise for your bathroom.

Love Kankei interior decor items give a cottage vibe if you feel like recreating an English countryside ambiance for your living space. These items add a flattering remark  to exposed beams and bare brick walls, the wood element is a surprise to the handy work that can be displayed on these shelves. So now whether you add repurposed barn doors to your guest rooms or custom design the bed frame work with a mesmerizing headboard, all you need is these brand new tips to bedeck your space with some wooden furniture.

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