Simplify Your Clutter Storage Space With Clever Ideas

Quick and easy ways to solve your clutter problem is to take a weekly inventory of all that you do not need. We know that time is the major constraint here and when you have friends and family coming over, all you can do is hide your mess. But we have some simple tricks that will help you organize in a simplified way.

Deep clean Pantry and Fridge:

How many times have you kept expiry dated items and food in your pantry and fridge? Do a weekly check of all that has gone bad and way past their expiry dates, toss them in the garbage. Buy items that you need on a daily basis and store leftovers in zip lock bags in the fridge. Your wall mounted kitchen shelves  must be reeking with old food cans, clean them too. Inspect these shelves weekly and maintain a chic organizing schedule for keeping food items lasting and fresh. Put labels on the shelves to segregate the food according to needs.

wall mounted shelves

Cleaning the Bathroom:

Your bathroom is another area that needs to be zen when it comes to cleanliness. Every second day changes the towels and keeps fresh ones on the metal racks. Toss all the old makeup, empty shampoo bottles, body wash and other items from the bathroom shelves  and the vanity area. Keep all your spa needs in neat compartments or baskets.

Bathroom Wall shelves

Organize a Garage Sale:

You always have more in your kitchen cabinets than anywhere else in the house. De-clutter items like ice-cream scoops, measuring cups, extra baking utensils, plates, china cups and other appliances that serve you no purpose. Put up a sale of these items online or maybe host a smashing garage sale party along with you deliciously made home food. A good way to get rid of extra books too from the wall-mounted bookshelves. The same goes for all the extra clothes and accessories in your wardrobes. There might be art and sculpture that you want to exchange or change, garage sales are an excellent way to stay connected to your neighborhood and also maintain a stylish house.


Donation drives during winter are noble, all your old quilts, beddings, blankets and winter jackets can be donated for a good cause instead of being hoarded up at the bottom of the closet. Old shoes from the shoe racks, umbrellas from the entryway storage and other useful items can either be given away or recycled.

jewelry storage

Love-Kankei  helps you maintain the simple life with its range of de-cluttering accessories. Select classy wooden shelves that can be installed into any space and metal racks that prove to be extra storage for kitchen and bathrooms. Your table and countertops will remain dust and mess-free with these innovative metal and wooden shelves. Their tiered jewelry decor accessory is a boon for your jewelry collection. Maintain chain necklaces, earrings, and precious gems without any hassle. Store this lightweight jewelry organizer in your closet or vanity space, they can fit into any fashionable corner.

Now enjoy clean backsplash, spacious marble island countertops and extra book and artistic liberty with Love-Kankei home decor accessories.

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