Grab Your Attention On Black Friday & Cyber Monday Lighting Super Hot Deals In The United State

No matter how excited you are about the Thanksgiving on 28th November, the concern about getting new décor items for your home in the festive season remains constant. Love Kankei is hence, bringing out the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals  so that you can make the best out of Thanksgiving to 29th November (Black Friday) and 2nd December (Cyber Monday).

Wall  Mounted 2-Tier Floating Wall Shelves

2 tier wall shelve

Be it for arranging some showpieces, indoor potted plants and speakers in your living room, study room, and bedroom or some food items, small cutlery and crockery in your pantry and kitchen, the floating Industrial wall shelves will work excellently. The torch finished wooden boards have 23.5 inches long and 6 inches width and they are placed within 9.5 inches apart with the help of the carbonized black metal brackets. These heavy-duty shelves can carry up to 40lbs weight with books, wine bottles, etc.

The wall-mounted floating shelves  are available in carbonized black, weathered black and weathered grey variants. From 10.05 AM PST till 4.05 PM on 25th November you can enjoy a 17% discount on the carbonized black variant and a 15% discount on the weathered grey variant.

Wall Mounted Cookware And Utensils Organizers             

A set of two metal kitchen utensil organizer with 16 detachable hooks can be your one-stop solution to keep the cutlery, food packages, heavy crockery, pans and pots perfectly stacked up. Supported by sturdy iron brackets with the help of screws, the two shelves will be 33 inches long with 12.1 inches width. However, you can place them separately, but the brackets downward or upward and also use these in your bathroom and pantry. The industrial black powder coating prevents it from daily scrapes while offering 100% rust-proofing.

Kitchen Counter top organised shelve

Each pan pot organizer  can hold up to 39lbs weight and you can add or remove the hooks according to requirement. Ladles, spoons, mugs, cups, and pans can be hung from the hooks effortlessly. On 28th November, from 12:55 PM PST till 6:55 OM PST, you can grab the racks at a 15% discount.  

Shadow Box Display Case Frame

Before the Cyber Monday deals  start, get your favorite photographs, memorabilia, awards, medals, drawings, postcards and other collectibles perfectly showcased on the Shadow Box display. Apart from the old memorabilia, you would get new gifts, flowers and pictures to treasure and the fixing nails offered with the display case will be perfectly helpful.

shadow box picture frame

The solid torch wooden frame with clear grains has a magnetic door and rustic metal hinge to avoid scraping while you open or close the door. The Shadow Box display case  will keep your items protected from dust, damp and heat with the polished tempered glass cover. The 23.3”x25.4” woven linen fabric attached inside the frame is for sticking the items. You can keep it hanging on the wall or on a table as you wish.

There are three size variants namely 8”x10”, 11”x11” and 11”x14” among which the first one is available on 25% discount and the last one is available on 28% discount for Cyber Monday sales on 29th November from 4:10 PM PST till 10:10 PM PST.         

Just like your usual turkeys, confectionary and other décor items which are available on sale during this period, you will get wall mounted shelves, kitchenette organizer, photo frames and many more at a surprising discount. But, you’ve got to hurry before the deals end!

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