5 Easy Tricks for Jewelry Shopping & Storing

Probably heard of the phrase - Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but what happens when you cannot store them in an exquisite way. Not all women are blessed with large glass counters and closets to keep their jewelry safe and shiny new. So what does the average woman do to proudly exhibit her collection without causing any major dent? They invest in smart jewelry cases. We have come up with some exclusive tricks on how to organize your precious collection, make sure you take special note.


Jewelry Orgainiser

It is important to not mix up your jewelry selections, make sure your white gold and platinum are kept together. The same thing goes for yellow gold and precious stones. This will not only tidy up your space but also make them accessible while you are in a hurry to dress up and go. No more lost pieces and damaged parts, your jewelry will last long with this simple practice of the chic organization. Make sure to choose the right compartment to store them, a drawer lined with velvet is ideal for storing delicate pieces. Segregate by using separate compartments or storing sections.

Link them Up:

Where would you put away your trendy danglers and chandelier earrings? It is constantly a mess with hoops and large earpieces, some even get lost in pair. So what do you do to keep them intact? Link them in chains! Buy yourself an earring tree stand  and hook all of your earrings in the chain to avoid them getting lost. This way you will also be able to add more to your existing collection.

Jewelry Tree

A Shiny exhibition always looks vibrant:

Your vanity area is the place where all the magic happens, to keep things effortless hang all your delicate necklaces like a wall of art. A necklace tree stand  will be ideal to let your statement necklaces detangled and unbroken. Chain necklaces in your vanity, the drawer can get knotted and scratches might appear on their surfaces. The inexpensive way to let them hang freely individually from the branches of the tree stand. This will also enhance the vibe of the room.

Skin Test:

jewelry holder

Some metals may not suit your delicate skin, make it a point to know which jewelry goes well with your body type and skin. Take a skin test before buying expensive pieces, standard patch testings are also recommended by jewelry experts before deciding to dazzle everyone with a stunning piece.

Keeping things Simple in Small Spaces:

If you live in the city and are short of space then avoid creating a graveyard of broken jewelry in compact boxes. Instead, spend your hard-earned money on a stylish vertical jewelry tree. These are easy to move around and also ideal for women who travel a lot. They are also lightweight and fit inside your wardrobes, so now even if you lack a dresser you can create your own jewelry space.

wooden jewelry tree

Love-Kankei has an interesting range of jewelry storage stands that come with multiple tiered racks. You can safely store your necklaces and earrings while using the base to store your valued ring and bracelet collection. Their monochromatic toned body is designed to fit into practical living spaces and blend in with the decor. The wooden base gives an extra edge to a contemporary make, keeping them rustic and modern at the same time.

Is there anyone in the family who has an elaborate eye-catching jewelry collection? You have just found the perfect gift for this holiday season. What are you waiting for? Buy a tiered jewelry organizer to keep things shimmery and intact right now.

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