Rustic Touch New Love Kankei Home Decor Collection Is Here To Upgrade Your Space!

If you are trying to go with minimal and vintage decor, then a rustic touch to your living space is the ideal interior choice. Recreate an ambient space with Love Kankei items by welcoming neutral tones and natural elements to showcase aesthetic beauty throughout your space. We have come up with useful tips to re-decorate your house with an impressive decor collection.

Wall display shelve

An Amalgamation of Materials

Steel and wood go perfectly with each other and so does stone, these farmhouse style and modern combination of natural material make a unique living space. Adding wooden hanging shelf display on the walls make an attractive focal point in any room. You can recreate the headboard of your bedroom with floating shelves that hold family artifacts, collectibles and artwork. A stone walled kitchen looks rustic chic with wooden shelves that act as extra pantry space. An anthology of books under a steel framed window on timber shelves creates a wonderful bright and nautrally lighted reading nook.

Classic Lanters

Switch up the ambience of the room by installing classic lantern style chandeliers and light fixtures. These light accents compliment the tier corner wall shelves, paint the walls in tones of ivory or white. Adorn the corner shelves with elegant vases, plates, paintings and mirrors to create a gorgeous illusion. Keep things interesting by adding bronze statues, custom made beach inspired artwork for an ambient cottage style.

Keeping it Historic

A custom wooden bench built by your grandfather, a big dining table constructed out of stout oak and few English wing chairs is the ideal historic family furniture that needs to be cared for. Add a touch of nostalgia on the adjacent wall by hanging your family lineage via a wall hanging photo frame. Make a collage out of your family pictures and join them onto the wooden photo frame with matching clips. Photos of your ancestors and grandparents will make conversations round the dinner table a much delightful and memorable occasion during hosted parties.

Hallway Charm

The passage between the living room to the bedrooms or the lounge can be embellished with sparkling jewels. Set up a dark wood mahogany table on the passage, decorate it with jewelry organizers, a silver framed large mirror and chic table lamps. Exhibit all of your fancy rings, bracelets, statement neck pieces and voguish earrings on the jewelry stand. This corner will become an envious spot to click Instagram worthy pictures. You can switch the jewelry according to your mood, season and style. This space would also convert into an extra vanity corner for your guests.

Enhancing the Bar Counter

Create an impromptu bar counter with reclaimed wood, surround it with metal chairs and decorate the table top with shadow box photoframe. You can place old relics and souvenirs inside the glass and wooden case, this can also be highlighted with dried flowers and plants. You can transform these box frames into a snow globe during the holiday season and also display famous cocktail and hard drink recipes for the guests like a menu.

Love Kankei brings alive all the antiques and the collectibles with which you want your house to look like a rustic abode. Now upgrade your space without killing your budget needs, achieve a well-travelled classy look for your living space with these amazing decor tips.

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