8 Wall Decor Ideas That Are Sure To Add Style to Your Home!

Wall decor can be intimidating sometimes if you over do the set up, but with Love Kankei your bare bricks will become pleasing to sore eyes. When we think about styling walls we normally go for gallery walls, huge paintings and book shelving. But there are numerous other ways to add panache to empty corners and feature walls. We bring in some innovative ideas to fashion and remodel your space.

Wall Corner Shelves

1. Panelling

When we think about adding dimensions there is only one style – wooden panelling. Add repurposed wood to cover the bare walls. Then paint them in the choice of your color, this will give a shiplap effect. Bring in the ocean vibes with this desigining technique, to make things look interesting add floating shelves for extra storage.

2. Add contrast

While you may paint your walls in muted tones, consider getting them done in goth style. A black wall with contrast hanging photoframes pops up with lucidity and creates an illusion of the room being spaced out. Haind painted neon frames are a cool combination with white photoframes. Thus creating vibrance and instant uplift for the living room.

3. Plant Hanger

Would you consider hanging plants by the bedside as weird? A unique way to decorate your undressed bedside ramparts is by having green plants to bring in positivity. Embellish the pot with fairy lights and voila! you have a pleasant ambience, this could even turn out to be good mood lighting. You could create your own succulent garden beside your bed for adding drama and texture.

4. A Hobby Wall

What is your favorite hobby? Is it photography? Music? Or collectibles? What ever may be your passion make it necessary to install wall shelves on empty walls. Then decorate the wooden shelves with your growing hobby design, it could be paintings, showing off your vintage camera collection, an eclectic row of music records or even framed magazine covers. Create a look that is appealing and watch your guests go wow!

5. A lit Wall

Jewelry organizers are a fun element to be placed on the wall, whether add them as decorative pieces on shelves or simply hang them with hooks. By displaying your favorite jewelry collection like elegant neckpieces, dangling earrings and gem stone rings makes an eye-candy exhibit on the wall. To glamourize adorn the hanging jewelry pieces with string or fairy lights, thus making it a gorgeous gallery wall.

6. Corner grid

A wall grind always acts like extra storage for the bare corner walls, but this time switch up the level with wooden corner shelves. Use geometric patterns to make interesting designs on the corner wall with vintage shelves. Adorn these extra space with pantry items, snacks, glassware, wine bottles and other decorative items. Thus you will be reducing all the counter clutter from the kitchen with this innovative functionable corner wall.

7. Keeping it flashy

Your bathroom storage doesn’t always have to be wooden shelves on chalked out walls and subway styled tiled space. Make things flashy and stylish with fashionable light fixtures around the shelves, add drama with a large mirror and place the vanity table underneath it. Install gorgeous art work that covers the wall texture, make your bathroom look like a luxurious piece of art with gold tones.

8. Receding gallery in the Kitchen

Have you considered pairing kitchen pot racks with a receding photoframes? When you place picture frames of myriad dimensions on the kitchen wall it instantly envokes nostalgia. Combine pot racks with these and you will have an ecclectic styled gallery wall in the kitchen, you can even embellish the set up further with spice racks or a vertical herb garden.

Love Kankei allows you to mix and match with the design elements to recreate any given wall. Bring in some fresh change into your living spaces with their perfect range of decor items. Ring in the new year by decking up your walls in a chic way.

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