4 Home Goods Fall Decor Tips: Bathroom and Living Room

There are various ways to bring in the fall decor alive inside your living space, with earthy tones and mellowed hues you can celebrate the seasonal transition into winter. The beauty of Love Kankei wooden interior decor items is matchless when it comes to choosing the perfect autumn features for your bathroom and living room. Create an envious space with the help of these items and bring in the warmth seasonal style.

Bathroom Wall shelve

Ground and Above

Have you considered adding a comfortable rug in your bathroom? An exquisite rug that comes in earthy tones of yellow, brown, rich oranges and reddish brown on the floor will change the vibe instantly. Add a bit of whimsical with faux pumpkins, spicy scented candles and fall inspired nature exhibits like dried flowers, branches with red berries and pampas grass on the bathroom storage shelves. Give finishing touches to a petite bathroom with translucent flower vases in tones of yellow and orange displayed on the vanity or over the sink. Create an ambient focal point with a fall inspired shower curtain for a bathroom that lacks an elegant bathtub.

Switch the towels

Make it a color themed towel collection inside your bathroom, install extra wooden storage shelves to adorn it with hand and bath towels. Replace your one colored towels with bright orange, pumpkin printed, apple printed, Halloween inspired and DIY decorated towels. This will be a fun addition in the children’s and guest bathrooms as well. Embellish these vintage shelves with Halloween collectibles, picture frames and quotes. This will give an interesting character and depth to your bathroom interior.

Wall decoration shelve

Going Modern

Balance out the textures and tones of the living room with an all white fall decor. You can DIY, paint faux pumpkins into glittering white texture and add them to your existing wall shelf display. To make the combination appealing switch the exhibit with fall themed books and artifacts. Add miniature wooden figurines, wood inspired photo frames, encouraging quotes and Halloween decor along with this contemporary set up. Change the furniture around the room, hang a tapestry of fall leaves on the wall and burn spicy perfumed incense.

Keeping it Simple

You only need a few twisted branches of vines and some faux berries to create a fall wreath that can be exhibited on tier corner shelves. You can effortlessly make a few of these rustic wreaths to decorate the bare corner walls. Use different colored vibrant berries to suit the theme of the living room, a reclaimed wooden storage table can be set beneath these shelves for serving hot tea, spiced lattes and drinks. Embellish the table with silver trays, beautifully framed mirror and vases highlighted with fall leaves.

wall corner shelve

Focal Display

Any living room decor is incomplete without Halloween decorations, make ample use of the wall display shelves to create a Gothic impression. Use cobwebs, dark books, skulls, spiders, bats and other horror inspired decor items to adorn these wooden shelves. Especially if you lack a fireplace mantle in a city apartment, then these shelves allow you to unleash your love for the undead. Use harvest styled decorations to ring in the bountiful blessings of nature, i.e. a wheatgrass wreath, pinecones, husk, wheat grain in vintage vases along with family Halloween heirlooms.

Fall is the celebration of harvest and nature, hence Love-Kankei items allow you to renovate your living space and bathroom with spooky yet stylish interior. Now your guests with successfully draw their eyes on these enviable budget friendly items and remain mesmerized. Remain seasonally appropriate with these awesome fall tips and co-ordinating interior decor products.

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