4 Ideal Storage Shelves Ideas For Home Decor

They are bare and minimalist yet their presence in the living spaces create an epic impact. Used for extra storage space and adding a creative flair in the interior decor. Shelves are an attractive piece of accessory. They can be fitted onto any flat surface and in any corner of the room. It neither tugs hard on your purse strings nor occupies a large area for decorative purpose. Thus making it an artsy addition for all your embellishment needs.

rustic wall shelves

Formal dining with vintage-style dining table and luxurious tufted chairs complete with a bar in the corner complements well with rustic wall shelves. These can be extra space for hanging wine glasses and some chic small potted plants. Grow an herb garden or simply decorate the shelve with aromatic candles for creating a romantic vibe in the evening. You can use reclaimed wood or add a pop of color by painting the shelves with your choice of color. Gold tones and pastel hues are ideal for a stylish finish to any conventional dining space.

living room display shelves

Many of us have the habit of practicing artistic hobbies at home, it could be sculpting, painting, and collecting rare artifacts. While we may be fixated with our new found skills there is certainly a lack of space that becomes our growing concern. A quick and permanent fix to this is by installing simple display shelves. They could either be enclosed by glass doors or stay open for a more welcoming feel. Storing all of your art expression on these will not only provide extra space but also keep them safe. Plus you will enjoy showing off your talent to friends and family.

Kitchen Cabinet wall shelves

The kitchen is the heart of the house and having elegant cabinet shelves  to store away plates and expensive chinaware is a multipurpose trick. Hanging your favorite mugs, cups, and pots with hooks under the cabinets is another practical life hack. A touch of steampunk pipes underneath the cabinets can be useful to hold paper and cloth hand towels. This also vibes with the contemporary styled stainless steel appliances and gives off a modish industrial ambiance.

Add some quirk to the wall-mounted floated shelves in the living room by affixing fairy lights or tiny light bulbs to focus on the exhibited items. Ideal for a grand bookshelf flaunting in the corner of the living space as a lounge area. The bulbs can be of multiple colors to create a striking balance for the bare walls. A smaller floating shelf can become the idyllic place to hang keys and other essential items in a narrow entryway or bedroom space.

corner storage shelves

Complicated spaces can be tricky to hold things but with the invention of wall shelves, there has been no turning back for enthusiastic decor designers. We have been using them practically in every inch of our home space. Love-KANKEI has an enviable collection to go with your existing as well as future renovations themes. These two and three-tiered shelves are made out of rich wooden texture and metal strappings to hold them tight. Some even come with conventional hooks to hold everyday items in an effortless way.

A riot of design and style they are a fusion of geometric and asymmetrical styles, the cube fashioned wall mount shelves are glamourous for headboards and office space. Romance and warmth will be waiting for you when you beautify your abode with these prime accessories.

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