6 Affordable Wall Decorative To Freshen Up Your Space For Summer

Summer is officially the time for garden parties, pool soirees and plenty of outdoor activities. But if you have planned to transform your home into a summer retreat, then opting for quirky, bright and youthful decor accessories is the ideal way to introduce warmth and youthful energy throughout your living space. Especially if you lack the luxury of open space for entertaining, adding affordable wall decorative will not only freshen up your space but also create a welcoming ambiance.  

Throwing indoor parties with free-flowing refreshing summer drinks and appetizers is so much fun. Organizing movie nights and big screening’s from the comfort of your living space sounds exciting, even summer game nights where all your friends and family gather to play indoor games. This also means lots of mess if kids are around, to keep your furniture’s and dishes sparkling clean place wall paper towel holder  strategically around your kitchen.

Paper Towel Holder White and Natural Color

Installing them near your sinks and above the kitchen counter will give easy access to spotless cleaning. You can also place them efficiently near the refrigerator to avoid any spillage of food items while removing and carrying across the room. Intricately designed metal, paper towel holders can be placed near the dining and buffet space. Now enjoy long summer nights without worrying about any mess on the floors and countertops.

While you change your duvet style in the bedroom and introduce silk and satin beddings, think about renovating the headboard too. If you haven’t thought about it, then we have a simple trick to make your back wall a stunning focal point. Adding a gallery wall with large picture frames is a rustic countryside appeal, you can even place shadow box picture frames  with family memorabilia to create a sense of pride and charm. Teens can spice up the look by adding dainty fairy lights to the gallery; turn your warm nights magical with this decor theme.

Shadow box photo frames

Bring in farmhouse chic by fashioning classic wooden wall storage shelves  for your ever-growing collection of homemade jams, spreads, and pickles. The dining space will look pleasantly inviting and make an ideal spot for conversation, sharing your secret pickle recipes and meals. Brighten the living room with colorful books on the wall; add floating shelves to create extra storage space for all of your vivid art and sculptures.

Wall decoratives Shelves

Shop at Love-KANKEI for stunning discoveries on existing home accessories; make your powder room look eclectic and stylish with jewelry holders. These modishly tiered jewelry organizers are the bold and fresh inspiration for making the most of your summer bijoux beauty collection. Wall vases are also a trendy way to decorate your home and office area. To keep your working space and kitchen from looking dull add geometrically shaped vases with perennial plants like succulents, tasty herbs, and colorful flowers. There is a range of Love-KANKEI accessories that provide beauty and utility within an affordable budget.

So roll out your bright-colored rugs, paint the walls in hues of bold and re-decorate your living space this summer. The dramatic placement of these accessories will cause envy and scintillating effect on your guests. They will be raving about the warm nights and arresting details around your house for a time to come.

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