Photo Frames Ideas for Wall Decoration You’ll Absolutely Love

While you are looking for house warming gifts or even working on re-decorating your rooms you can come up with these easy DIY styled frames for all your photographic memories. Love-Kankei has specially designed frames that work with any theme and interior decor; these are budget-friendly and lighten up your wall in an instant.

A colorful mosaic of all the photo prints looks cozy as well as dazzling on a bare wall if you do not want to spoil the rugged feature of your wall. Find yourself a pastel or bold colored cardboard piece or DIY, paint a sheet, then superglue it on the wall. Later square cut your choice of pictures and stick them on the sheet/cardboard. It is a fun way to decorate a child’s room or your home office space.

Shadowbox Picture Frame Case

Fairy light wall decor is a fantastic way to light up any room in a cheap way, simply string the photos to the lights and build an intricate pattern on the wall. Then, during the evening watch your space; light up in a dozen tiny colorful flickers. Shadowbox picture frames sensationalize a space. Featuring your choice memorabilia, family tree, small awards and showcase pieces it creates a chic statement on any given wall.

wall hanging photo frame


Wall hanging photo frames are also an inimitable way of exhibiting your photography skills. Simply clip the retro prints and mount them on the wall. The mini wooden pegs add to the vintage vibes, they can also be colored for a much more effervescent style.

If you are worried about drilling into the walls, then a most effective way to display your family photo album is by chalk drawing frames. Stick the pictures on the wall and enjoy drawing an outline with colored chalks. The designs can be the same or varied, this project can be assigned to kids if they have an artistic streak in them. After all, which child doesn’t love to draw on the walls?

The humble tapes that lie un-used inside the drawers can be put to good use; they can become invisible or bold frames for your picture collection. Create colorful backgrounds for all your pictures with them. Make geometric patterns, Moroccan designs, Victorian styled wallpaper patterns and many more.

A recent trendy style is to re-model window frames into creating gallery art. Old battered window panes can be re-painted and made into photo holding exhibits. You can DIY them into glitter paint, embellish them with fabric or lace, or simply use a monochrome effect. This is an effective way to tackle environmental degradation; the wood is re-purposed into a useful object to beautify any living space.

Table Photo frame

Love-Kankei is the ideal place to hunt for picture frames online; they have an impeccable variety of frames to choose from. For a quick, elegant and foolproof project all canvas prints will look stylish on these frames. Make your worship of irresistible lively displays to an additional echelon by creating a striking photo wall. Use silky nuance from the pale to the most vivacious colors. You can find masterpiece frames that come at a really cheap price; Love-Kankei is your affordable home decor buy point.

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