Interior Inspiration: Style your Minimalist Clothes Rack

You dread a wardrobe tour if you lack closet space and the best way to hide all your precious clothes collection is to stack them neatly in a cupboard. Some are too tired to fold the same and opt for industrial fashioned racks that just allow you to hang your fashion collection. Capsule wardrobes are an open layout of your latest designer trends and daily attire, it also indicates that you are a bohemian being and love the minimalist approach. How brave are you to ditch the elaborate closets and opt for a barebone clothes display?

wooden wall storage shelves

There is nothing unique in having wooden wall storage shelves as a replacement for vintage wardrobes. These have been a part of the interior decor from time immemorial; having them patterned right into the existing wall frame you can create an extraordinary space for your fashion needs. Space will appear organized and tidy during your morning whirlwind routine to catch the early transport to the office.

These can also double up to be storage spaces for your exorbitant shoe collection, instead of storing them under the bed or behind the door you can simply keep them dust free on these rustic wall shelves. The millennia’s certainly are a moving lot and do not own any space for long enough, they are constantly on one foot and travel a lot for meetings and entertainment. For them, these are a perfect solution to make use of every inch of their living space.

 rustic wall wooden shelves

For parents who are heckled by their kids making a mess out of their rooms can teach them organizing skills with these minimalist clothes racks. They can become independent while arranging their own attire according to their taste. A shelf divider set of four can be the ideal answer for your children’s bedroom. Also, an excellent way to keep Jack and Jill styled washroom in check with separate shelves for storing towels and bathing toiletries.

Individuals who are obsessed with coordinating their looks every day can keep up with the style by allotting several racks according to their personal taste. A color co-ordinate rack, a monochrome fashion styled rack, or weekly prearranged shelf of clothes is an easy solution to avoid the morning rush. Arranging the accessories that will match the attire is also a unique way to enhance your fashion choices for the day.

Wooden wall mount floating shelve

Talking about the budget, it is not a hard choice to buy wall mounted floating shelves, they do not cost a bomb on your finances. Hence, they make for the ultimate decor purchase for couples who are ready to move in, families who are expanding and individuals who do not want too much fussing with their interiors.

Love-Kankei specializes in an exclusive collection of vintage shelves that prove to be the vital decor exception for wardrobes and large closet spaces. While shifting from city to city these are easier to transport than a tricky bulky wardrobe. Talk about having a boutique styled clothing, interior inspiration right inside your house. It will provide the spot on a prospect to segregate your clothes into a work of art living space.

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