Home Adorning Ideas to Soften a Black and White Scheme

A classic tale re-imagined is the monochromatic effect of the black and white color scheme. This is the safest decor bet to be used while planning the entire style and feel of the house. It is not only timeless but also denotes grit meets glam mid-century modern design. The patterns can be varied or seamlessly worked about in the whole interior structure. It gives off a minimalist Scandinavian vibe; the use of reclaimed or restored furniture makes it almost nostalgic. There are plenty of ways to enhance the overall look of any monochromatic space. We have a few interesting tips and tricks which one can try.

Wall decorative grill panel


Wall wire grid panels in the kitchen or living space, having a trendy loft in a stylish neighborhood can be challenging with all the small space. To make the tiny living interesting you can install these muted toned panels. These will organize the things around the house, a kitchen cutlery display, plenty of storage for all the stationary near the work station, and also to hang out the to-do list on the wall. By adding a small cactus plant or a cheerful flower pot you can induce a pop of color to the bare wire shelve.

kitchen countertops

While the kitchen cabinets might look like a leaf out of the traditional era, a chic glossy island with marble top will become the statement piece in the middle. Never ignore the kitchen countertops; they can too add character to the room. Eclectic tile design on the countertops will create a contrast against the monochrome background. The clean lines will make space look elongated and sophisticated. If you have virgin white walls and cabinetry in the kitchen, then adding all black appliances will make the hardware look unique.

Custom built furniture and wall fixtures make the space interesting, if you are a celebrated traveler and want to exhibit all your collection, then using the bare wall surface is an excellent decor idea. With shelves that are created in the geometric pattern, all the artifacts can dominate the style scene. Build a bronze and basal center table to complement the gray tones of the furniture. A floor lamp custom made with black steel, a large grandfather clock, and hanging photo frames can deepen the character of the living space.

wall hanging wooden photo frames

The industrial fashioned mirror is an admirable way to create an illusion in a tiny space. The large column of glass and industrial frame setting can become the focal point of any given living space. You can even create a headboard out of this structure to match the black and white interior scheme. By having a colorful chandelier or lighting system you can change the whole ambiance of the room.

The modern design house Love-Kankei has exceptional pieces to harmonize with the casual entertaining spaces. When we love to have family and friends over the decor becomes a bold and soft place to comfortably party in style. The items are luxurious yet prove to be multi-functional in every aspect. The antique married with the modern make soften any given indistinct palette an instant makeover.

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