Photo Frames: A Perfect Collectibles For Home Decoration

Walls of your living room or bedroom need not be mundane. Not anymore! The walls of your home can be transformed with the right wallpaper matching with the interior décor of your house. Not only that you can also use artful frames and can also display your most priceless memories.

If you are thinking of photo frames to liven up that drab the wall, we have some ideas. Mounting photo frames and art involves making more than just marginal changes to the walls by drilling holes or sticking hooks.

Instead of decorating the walls of your living room randomly, it is advisable that you can plan a theme before you start drilling holes into your walls.

As we all know there are various photo frames for wall decoration that are available in the market which you can incorporate while redesigning your house. We here will give some quick sneak-peak about the ideas that you can actually use to decorate your walls and break the monotonous decoration of your walls.

To further driving we give you a list of the six most interesting wall décor ideas that you can try out at your home.

Black and White on Canvas

You don’t need photo frames only to display your memories you can also use photo frames to display any paintings. This one is for special photos that will continue to have a timeless appeal all throughout your life. Do you know that a collage of black and white photos printed on canvas can seamlessly blend the most touching moments of your life into a single mosaic?

So, depending on how personal it is, the collage created by you can either grace the beautiful walls of your living room or cozy up the walls of your bedrooms.

Colored Margins

If you are willing to come out with some bold or coolest ideas you can try colorful margins. These will give a funky look to your walls. Since the margins seem more important in these types of frames, you can use the collage to showcase DIY art or colorful margin cut-outs. This type of kind college can be a perfect match for your living rooms if you have used pastel and subdued colors to paint the walls of your living room, as it adds a pleasant burst of colors. If you are fond of incorporating more colors to your living room and making it livelier you can go with this option anytime.

Along the staircase

One of the underutilized spaces in the house is the wall along the staircase which can be a great area to display your painting talent on the wall. If you have just got married or started your family, you can consider that area to create a timeline or chronological story through framed images. For this you can use black hanging photo frames, thereby turning the wall into a wall of memories.

Pretty Polaroid

This is the most casual photo collage idea mentioned so far in this blog, Polaroid collages, in my opinion, are a great pick for bohemian décor. So, if you want to make your collage look too casual and careless on the walls of your living room, display it in your bedroom, where you can showcase your personal moments. You can also use LED lights to make it more dramatic and livelier.

Family Tree

Many of you must have come across the family tree while visiting someone’s house. This might sound interesting to you and if you have a huge family across generations, you can consider that by implementing collage ideas. Now imagine creating a family tree on a wall using interesting photos! For this, you can use

Wooden Picture Frames With Clips.

Photo frames are the perfect match for decorating your walls. You can actually implement these ideas and can transform your monotonous wall into a beautiful wall displaying your memories.

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