7 Expert Tips for Organizing a Small Home

When it comes to organizing a small house the common question that crosses your mind: How am I going to fit all my stuff? How to avoid clutter? After organizing all my stuff will I have space to work, eat and relax? This is all about keeping your stuff organized, which is very important in a compact space.

If you think that organizing a small home is an ardors task then let me tell you that you do not need a world-class designer to organize and fit your stuff in a small home. All you need is to think out of the box and repurpose your small spaces so that you can make a place to eat, work and relax. Organizing your things in a limited space isn't it that hard as it seems – but it is challenging!

To further delight you we have shared seven expert tips that will guide you to organize a small home   

Revision the concept of bookshelf

If you are a kind of a person who has a knack for picking out new decors, you can still make that work in a small space. We know how difficult it is for the book readers who have a huge collection of books but a shortage of places to store them. So, think of a rustic wall mounted bookshelf  where you can keep your books without consuming unnecessary space. It can also become part of your home décor creating and acting as a perfect prop for your beautifully designed living room.

Stop buying organizers

Most of us think that buying organizers can solve your problem to some extent. But according to some interior designer you can effectively tackle organization by using vintage, handmade or hand-me-down items in unexpected ways. For this, you do not need a custom-crafted or store-bought drawer organizer.  Just have a look around you and consider the things that are already available at your home. You can make use of that and repurpose them. This is a great way to save money and minimize waste.

Install Shelves above the doorway

We know the problem that you face if you have to settle down in a small house with a huge collection of home décor things. You can overcome this problem with creative and innovative ideas. Do you know, you can utilize the space above your doorway which can turn out to be a goldmine? It can be a total game-changer in small spaces, mainly for storing 'backstock' of commonly used items – like toilet paper, extra toothpaste, and soap in the bathroom or cleaning products in the laundry room. This way you can avoid your bathroom look less messy. Besides, you can also incorporate a rustic floating corner shelf on your bathroom where you can keep your daily used items such as soaps, toiletries. This idea you can also introduce in your kitchen where you can store your day-to-day used items – thereby saving most of your space!

Double up on furniture functionality

We live in an era where smart houses are becoming popular, but we know that will be heavy on your pockets. In that case, you can double up on furniture functionality. Let me tell you how! It has been advised by some of the popular interior designers that if you do not have enough space in the bedroom or live in a studio apartment, then you can double up your dresser as a TV console. This way you can save space and you do not need to turn your house into a smart house by investing a huge amount of money.

Creating zones

Do you know your one room can serve multiple functions by creating organized zones? What I mean to say is that your living room can do multiple duties as a lounge area, workspace, and bar by separating items into areas. So, add a wall-mounted desk that closes up to a stash all your office needs and a small side table with storage to hold your other belongings. You can also introduce a kitchen shelf with hooks in your kitchen where you can hang your daily equipment.

Ditch your file box

With this, you can stay organized and curb your daily paper clutter by regularly using a mini scanner and organizing your files digitally. With technological development by now, you must be aware of the importance that your digital gadgets play in your daily life. So, saving your files on the cloud can help to cut down on your paper files – thereby no file box occupying space that can be utilized for some other purposes.

Think outside the closet

You can add a freestanding wardrobe rack to an empty corner to double your hanging space or slim your storage container under your bed for organizations that are an outside sight. You can even attach hooks to the front of the closet door for even more hanging space so that your clothes are not thrown here and there in the room in an unorganized manner.

Here, we have discussed 7 essential tips with you which you can apply while organizing your small space. We hope this blog will be your guide while you shift to an apartment that is small in size.

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