Paper Towel Holder - 5 Quick Ways to Choosing the Best Paper Towel Holder

Lifestyle tweaks are necessary when it comes to living a clutter-free life, especially in the kitchen where things keep spilling all the time. Paper towels are an easy option for all the cleaning needs while storing them on the countertops could get tricky because of the lack of space. Tiny spaces necessitate innovative moves to store these handy towels; we throw a few quick hints on how to make them available 24x7 without any hassle.

Paper Towel Holder Wooden

DIY yourself a chicken wire, paper towel holder, the rustic look and finish will be ideal for a farmhouse styled kitchen theme. The wire detail can be painted to one’s choice of color; the central part of the holder can be a removable disk to hold the towel. It can be fitted with a hoop like rings to lift and carry the holder to the desired place when in demand.

A wooden roller placed on the wall near the sink is a handy way to make use of the towel. The wood can be shaped into any desired design, hanging them neatly on the inside of the sink cupboard is also an excellent way to save more space. In case you do not want your kids and pets meddling with the paper towel this is a dependable choice.

A metal pipe fitted to the side of the wall cabinet is industrial chic while storing away your paper towel. It will also be away from the immediate sight of any guest walking into your kitchen, this goes well when you do not wish to display them openly clashing with the decor theme. The metal handle can be painted according to your choice to blend in with the wall or the cabinet color.

Paper Towel Holder Wooden-home- essential

To make the backsplash look more decorative, fit them with a patterned network of kitchen paper towel holders. These can be mounted onto the backsplash easily and hold several sets of towels for multi-purpose use. They can come in handy while cooking and cleaning the countertops simultaneously while prepping and preparing the meals.

Designer metal holders are space efficient, they can be placed anywhere around the house. Even on the dining table and breakfast nooks, these come in chic, fashionable designs and look attractive as accessories for the decor. Metals that are polished and colored do not damage and they hold the paper towels efficiently without the need to be fixed or mounted. Thus, if you hate driving holes into your cabinets and walls this is the ideal alternative.

LoveKankei Paper Towel Holder

Love-Kankei comes with multiple ranges of wall mount paper holders that are rustic wooden and metallic chic in appearance. They also have intricately made metal stand paper towel holder that functions for any given space. They come in budget and do not require an army to install them on any wall surface. You can DIY the holder onto the wall or any desired surface as per your convenience. A smooth finish ensures that the paper towel remains in mint condition while use, you will not experience any tear while drawing out the sheet out of the holder. A time saver and trendy in appearance these towel holders are essentials for life.



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