Different Ways to Keep Your Glass Shower Door Clean

There are people who prefer minimal hassle and privacy with a shower curtain than with people who love to take a shower with closed glass doors. The latter means frequent cleanliness and maintenance since glass can get smudged, stained and murky easily. To keep your privy door sparkling clean we have a few practical tips. Follow our clever tidiness strategies to obtain the shower enclosure of your dreams.

Old t-shirts can be used as a handy rag while rubbing down your shower glass with Pine-sol mixed with water in a spray bottle. Apply the solution on the glass door and gently wipe it down with the worn out t-shirt. Cleansing solutions that are available in the market can become a staple in maintaining a tidy bathroom wet enclosure. More prominent one that is recommended by experts is Bar Keepers Friend; this solution polishes the enclosed space door to perfection.

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Soapy scum residue makes the impeccable glass look murky and allow grime and dust to settle on the surface. An instant home remedy to this sticky situation is by using a dryer sheet from the laundry. Dampen the sheet slightly and rub it down the glass space, the sheet which is used to soften tough fabric will loosen the soapy scum too. Then will an old rag dipped in warm water, remove the rest of the scum. The shower door will sparkle like new.

Who knew Magic eraser can wipe out bathroom stains in a jiffy? It is good for obtaining shiny faucets too. So if you are looking to deep clean your shower enclosure, then use a magic eraser on the doors, not only removes stains but also yucky mineral deposits. If your OCD is kicking in and you are one of the few who despises body oil and unsanitary water droplets on the glass shower door then using a shower door squeegee is the ideal solution.

Shower Squeegee with 1 Replacement Rubber Blade Hook

It takes seconds to wipe out all the soap residue and Gluck from the glass door, this can de be done daily right after taking a shower. No need to wait till the weekend to deep clean your sprinkler enclosure, this shower door glass cleaning technique is the trendiest way to deal with unhygienic bathing spaces. An uncomplicated way to avoid the formation of fungal hyphae on your glass door is by keeping the door open. This will allow the glass to air dry and water to evaporate thus preventing harmful mold taking over the bath enclosure.

Shower Squeegee with 1 Replacement Rubber Blade Hook

Love-Kankei has the ideal answer to remove all the hard water deposits from your chic shower doors. They have multipurpose items that work well with any bathroom, the fixtures and keep your shower space clutter free. Glass doors will look immaculate with the cleaning squeegee that is available on their list of everyday items. Affordable and customized interior bits and pieces are their specializations. Effortless organization techniques will make a comeback in your household. A spotless, shower enclosure is an inspiration for a stellar ambiance and stress-free relax zone.

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