Ornament Storage - What You Must Know Before Buying Them

Jewelry boxes have been prized possessions since childhood, some stay in the family for generations. So what keeps these jewels safe for a long time? It is all about the make and the design of the jewel cases. We have some expert tips about investing in lifelong storage for all your jewelry needs.

Jewelry Organizer

Count your Collection:

The main objective of owning a wall mounted jewelry organizer  is to avoid tangled pieces at the end of the day. Take a quick stock of all the jewels that you own, maybe you are a fan of dramatic statement necklaces. You might fancy ruby and sapphire styled rings, have an exotic, earring collection or love to adorn your wrists with dainty bracelets. Whatever your choice, make sure you know exactly what kind of organizer you need. An inventory will allow you to buy the perfect jewelry case.

Appropriate Design and Make:

An exquisite necklace collection will need an upright glass box, case, sort of styled like an armoire to hang in as many as pieces. A wall-mounted jewelry organizer is ideal for storing delicate earrings, plenty of glamorous rings need a velvet lined case made out of softwood and bracelets need separate compartments. Investing in wooden cases will ensure that your jewelry remains moisture and rust-free.

jewelry storage

Touch of the Linen:

Feel the lining of the case, if it appears harsh to your skin then it will have the same effect on your jewelry collection. They will be scratches and abrasions on precious stones and pearls. Choose soft interiors like velvet and silk which are lint-free, or if you have an existing case without the lining then store your jewels in a small cloth bag made out of soft linen and then place them in any drawer or compartment.

Decor Theme:

A Victorian-styled wall mounted jewelry holder  will look attractive for a farmhouse type decor theme. Whereas if you are in love with minimalist and contemporary interior design then a tiered jewelry holder looks chic as bedside ornamentation or an embellished eye-catcher on the dressing table. Also if you lack space then a metallic upright jewelry stand is the key to keeping all of your pieces in mint condition.

Wall mounted jewelry organizer

After all, these amazing tips on styling your jewelry case take a look at the beautiful monochrome toned tiered jewelry stands by Love-KANKEI. They are coated with rust and dust-free paint, come in an attractive metallic form so are long-lasting. They have multiple tiers for all your needs, a solid wooden or metallic base to store in some extra rings and bracelets. Polished and fine designed for elaborate storage, you can even style them in your vanity area for keeping your morning routine effortless.

The boxed jewelry holders can be mounted on the wall for an elaborate headboard in your bedroom or as a display case down the hallway. They can hang in multiple necklaces and earrings are the same time. If you are conscious about your precious pieces catching dust then make sure you invest in these cute wooden wall cases.

Having only a few jewelry pieces is never enough, for all your gems passion there are always Love-Kankei home decor accessories keeping things elegant and simple.

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