Decorate Your Space Attire with Designer Pantry

From daily-use utensils to fancy cutlery and crockery, from kitchen essentials to soft and hard drinks for special occasions –a perfectly planned pantry storage can keep all these safe and easy to access. Love-KANKEI has a number of wooden, metal and wood-metal fusion wall racks that you can incorporate in your pantry or mini bar area so that not only keeping things get easier but also they can complement your overall home décor. According to your choice, there are different choices of materials and finishes such as carbonized black, black, weathered black and weathered grey.

Adding Geometry to Décor

 The right-angled floating pantry shelves set of three come with rustic torched wooden panels of different sizes held on the wall with metal brackets upward or downward. With 39lbs capacity, these shelves can carry the heavy liquor bottles, porcelain crockery, and steel pans.

Two-tiered Heavy Duty Shelves for Space Efficiency

Instead of installing a number of shelves separately, why not use the two-tiered wooden shelf mounted with a single powder-coated bracket? The streamlined design of the bracket ensures simplicity while the compact 23.5” length and 20” height make way for heavy utensils, delicate cutlery, oil bottles, spice jars and more.

wall kichen shelves

L-Shaped Wooden Shelves for Rustic Look

If you have a rustic styled kitchen, nothing will be more complementing than the full wooden wall mounted pantry shelves set of two that come in ‘L’ shape. Each torched wooden shelf of 17”x6” dimension comes with the capacity of 18lbs and the protective ledges make sure your kitchenette never slides down.

Wall Shelf With Bar and Hooks For Multipurpose Usage

Those with contemporary styled pantry would find the full metal wall shelf with a wooden towel bar and eight removable hooks perfect for keeping various types of goods. You can install this above the sink so that the water rivulets from washed utensils can drain through the metal net surface. Hang the dishcloth or paper towel on the bar or add hooks to hang the pan, spoons, forks, knives, ladle, etc.

There is always a way to create a rustic-chic fusion with this type of kitchenette organizer and that is why Love-KANKEI brings you the wooden pantry wall shelving mounted on the wall by a streamline bracket, holding a towel rack with hooks. While the wooden shelf can hold heavy glass and metal jars, along with pan, pots, and bottles, the hooks can be used to hold mugs, ladles, apron, cloth and many more.

Set of Three Hanging Wall Shelves for Versatility

The three sturdy torched wooden boards are 17”, 13” and 9” in length respectively while their width is the same -4.5”. With unique streamlined iron wireframes, these shelves look classy enough to be installed in the bar area to hold glasses and bottles while in the kitchen, you can mount them together or in different places to keep spice bottles, oil dispensers, and other pantry goods.

Two Large Storage Floating Shelves for Cutlery and Crockery

The set of two wall mounted kitchen shelves held by rustproof metal brackets in powdered finish have 16.5” length and 11.4” width, with the ability to hold 30lbs weight. The sturdy paulownia wooden bars will keep your entire set of regular-use cutlery, fancy dinner set, porcelain pots, and heavy jars safe and at hand’s reach.

Apart from these, you can also check out the three different sized wall mounted floating wooden shelves with metal brackets. According to your requirement, you can add one or different types of shelves together or place them in different sections of the pantry.      


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