Modern Design Inspiration in Home Decorating

Modern is synonymous to minimalist designs; they are often considered as cold and uninviting for the fact that they lack the pop, and style of any other interior design. On the contrary modern home decor is downright cozy and inviting. With plenty of space to move around, you can create a sanctuary in your living space.

Use of Playful Tones

Playful Tones

Clearly, it’s a monotone theme in modern spaces, but it can be spruced up with abstract art wall hangings and unique light fixtures. Ceiling lights in the artistic design are all the rage for modern designing. You can even add a pop of color to the feature wall for a dramatic effect.

Mix and Match Furniture

Mix and Match Furniture

Within the modern structure, you can create an amalgamation of traditional and contemporary furniture. Mix and match according to the theme and color to differentiate the texture in the room. A sizeable wooden center table with sophisticated L-shaped fabric sofa will elevate the style of the living space.

Small spaces look spacious

Smooth texture and design allow small living spaces like apartments look like an ample space. Using white color throughout the rooms will automatically allow more light to reflect into the rooms and also make the rooms feel spacious. See-through furniture, fixtures will create the illusion of less space occupied.

Focal Point

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There is always a major focal point in modern decor features; it could be an embellished wall, customized furniture, and pop of color in some corner. There could be home accessories that decorate dark spots and make them the focus of attention. A large wall clock printed wallpaper that matches the theme, furniture matching the design and flow of the room.

Unique and clean fixtures

There is always an organized and chic cut to the modern designs applied for home decor. A unique mirror fitting on the wall creates the illusion of a broader room. A decorated lamp shade makes space interesting with its contrasted and curved lines. The finish is smooth, simple, and dynamic. It is also a budget-friendly to have basic modern furnishings.

The graphics blend of black and white gives sharp lines and gender-neutral silhouettes to the living space. Love-Kankei is all about creating aesthetic modern spaces with a sleek urban look. Every minimalist home has a statement piece, and these can be found in abundance on the Love-Kankei online shop. With every piece of product, you can fashion an astounding statement piece for each of your rooms.

With this design, you will be giving a distinct personality to your home and a wow factor to your living space.


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