5 Inspirational Living Room Ideas

Are you redecorating your house or getting a new home to live in? When you are toying with various décor ideas for different rooms, keeping a perfect balance of color combination and decorative items that compliment the rooms is one of the major issues to attend. Living room, being one of the liveliest sections of your home, needs an easy yet chic decoration so that it is pleasurable for your guests as well as you to sit back comfortably. Here are the five ideas that you can consider incorporating in your room –

Floating Wall Shelves on the Side Walls

Floating shelf for living room

Classiness and efficiency meet when you add wall mounted rustic wooden shelves which are easily customizable in different grouping combinations. If you want to give a sense of space to your side walls, the six wall-mounted shelves including three U shaped shelves and three square-shaped shelves will be an excellent choice. Keep framed pictures, awards, showpieces, books, and even potted indoor plants –these are useful for almost everything.

Wall Mounted Corner Shelves

Wall Mounted Corner Shelves

Instead of cluttering the four walls, why not add a wall mounted three tiered corner shelf for a modern and vintage look? The rustic wood finish of the three bases connected by the metal mount and the placement in angle with the wall reflects both contemporary and traditional touch. Each wooden bar is about 10 inches long and about 5 inches wide, and when placed together, they are about 17 inches in height. You can keep pictures, one or two books, customized mugs, indoor plants, or other small decorative items here.

Hanging Photo Frames on the Main or Side Walls

wall photo frame

Showcasing your memories in the form of pictures on the main wall of the room is never out of style but instead adds a personal touch to it. The wooden bars with adjustable twines can stretch up to 26 inches x 29 inches and can contain up to 30 pictures stuck with wooden clips. However, you need to install effective lighting to make sure that all the images are highlighted. You can hang them both horizontally and vertically; they can be hung even separately if you want to categorize different types of images such as family, vacations, events, etc.

Wall Mounted Artificial Plant Vases

Desk Planters Vase White

For a classic color combination, nothing works better than colorful authentic or artificial indoor plants hung on the wall. The white ceramic triangular vases with copper holders have 4.3-inch height and can complement light, deep or textured walls simultaneously. These floating vases can contain artificial plants as well as small indoor plants like mini cactus, small succulents, small flowering shrubs, and air plants. These are lightweight and give an ecological touch to the room.

Wall Mounted Rustic Wooden Shelves

Rustic Wooden Shelves

You have various options for wall mounted shelves to complement your living room storage. There are rustic wooden shelves with 42 cm x 30 cm dimension which can be used for keeping books, lamps, statues, stuffed toys, picture frames, showpieces and even act as a small wine cellar with a few bottles and glasses. You can also use the set of three shelves with different sizes, i.e. 9 inches, 13 inches, and 17 inches. Mount them together or in different patterns – the choice is yours. 
Experimenting with different ideas can help get a complete look of the room, but at the same time, you have to consider the placement of the furniture, electrical appliances, and also the color pattern.

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