How to Hang Memories Gallery on Wall

We cherish the photo albums so much that we never want to part with them even in this age of technology. There is something magical about the physical existence of printed pictures. Be it vintage sepia tone, Polaroid’s, black and white and modern glossy prints. Each of these images is attached to countless memories from the past and present. It is their physical presence that gives meaning much better than the digital versions on our phones. To hold on to these beautiful moments, Love-Kankei has an unmatched range of memories galleries.

bed room photo-frame idea

These simple photo galleries are equipped to personalize any room space and elevate the elegance. Assembling the gallery can turn into a family DIY fun time. You can choose family pictures to showcase your ancestry line, travel & vacation images, pet pictures, and other exciting snapshots to display on the wall.

The gallery kit comes with adjustable twins, clips, and wooden frames. It is super comfortable to mount on horizontal and vertical walls.

Ideas to Mount Photo Gallery on Wall:

Living Room

living photo-frame

The living spaces are usually where the family hangs out, hence displaying a colorful montage of memories is inevitable. Choose a clean surface either behind the seating section or mount the gallery like a prime feature on the feature wall. Decorating with fairy lights will add some glamour to the photo structure.


The unused stairway wall can be converted into an art gallery, simply with stunning photo shots. Mount the wooden frames of the gallery in accordance with the stairway design. Voila! Your home will turn into a space for art lovers.

Bedroom and Children’s room

Placing photo galleries in a child’s room is an aesthetic and fun piece of activity. You can display their childhood pictures or pin their scribbled art onto the frame. It will be a major source of inspiration and creativity for your child. In the bedroom, the gallery can be mounted behind the bed as an ornamental headboard. For a teen’s bedroom, the frame can hold prom memories, class picnics, and montages of best friends. Decorate with glitter strings and fairy lights for added effect.

Kitchen & Dining

Kitchen is an unusual space to hold galleries, but putting up pictures of your favorite recipes can be entertaining. Snapshots of your baked goodies with handwritten recipes are a good idea for family day cooking. Mount the gallery over the dining nook and let people admire your love for cooking. If you have a separate dining area, then mounting a collage of your world trips will make way for interesting conversations on the table.

wall photo frame

Some Important tips for mounting:

  1. Mount the gallery in a visibly lit space and not in a dark corner.
  2. If there is less natural lighting, you can add fancy light fixtures just above the frame.
  3. All the pictures must be of equal length and breadth, i.e., square photos together, rectangular photos together or cut in a circle for added elegance. Oddly shaped photos can be mounted to a separate frame.
  4. The texture and color behind the mounted gallery must be smooth and bold painted to make the frame pop on the surface.
  5. Avoid dull and hazardous spaces that can easily damage the pictures.

The naked eye can not ignore the sleek feel of a mounted gallery, hence a memories gallery frame in your house will draw admired attention from guests and loved ones alike. Don’t forget to have a peek into the amazing collection of memories gallery Love-Kankei has to offer. We bet you will buy one each for every room.

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