Love-KANKEI Reveals Most Popular Maximalist Decor Styles

Maximalist is the millennial slogan for everything from clothes to home decor. The trend involves the justification of functional furniture and accessories without compromising on the style. It combines the austerity of geometric shapes and sensory overload of the color palette into a riot of sophisticated decor.

Love-KANKEI home decor accessories have a curated sense of design along with a refreshing de-cluttered feature. These items gel well with the understated neutrals and focal statement theme. We have come up with enough inspirations to create a textural story in your living space with these modest objects as the centerpiece.

wall floating corner wooden shelves

We would generally start with the living space, but in the opposite way, decking up your bathroom is now considered a viral trend. Wall-mounted floating shelves  are a rage for storage freaks, their chic appearance without brackets and braces make them an ideal choice for a sleek repose of spa and bathing essentials.

If you lack sink counter space then add rustic wooden floating shelves beneath the vanity mirror to store all morning ritual essentials. A great spot to have shelves is obviously above the toilet seat, stack it up with fresh toilet paper. A decorative wired bracket is also a luxurious way to store up dry towels, soap/shampoo, aromatic candles, and other washing essentials.  Embellish the corners of your bathroom by placing motivational picture frames, small plants, and artwork by adding attention-grabbing wooden shelves.

wall hanging photo frame

A vibrant and youthful ambiance in the family room is infectious with lively wallpaper, wall paint or an active wall hanging photo frames. A spacious worktable made out of reclaimed wood can become a statement piece in a colossal lounge area by dedicating an oversized gallery wall exclusively for family pictures. An eccentric mash-up of your favorite photos can adorn the entryway, empty wall in the kitchen, or a hallway. Use varied textures, sizes, colors, and shapes of frames to create a stunning masterpiece.

Jewelry Organizer

Make the most out of your jewelry collection by placing trendy jewelry stands  in your powder room, walk-in closets, and dressing table. Staying minimal in design and high on functionality these jewelry organizers come in an unconventional combination of wood and metal. Taking cues from the art nouveau era they are eye-catchy and posh game-changers for tight apartment spaces.

Kitchen coutertop

Kitchen countertops  need not be left bare, display your passion for baking and cooking by exhibiting your choicest skills on the three-tiered serving stand. Impress your guests with delicious appetizers and snacks stacked on these during lounge parties and buffets. It can easily be placed around pools and outdoor terrace area for the evening and afternoon tea time. Value for money and an instant space saver these are an admirable kitchen decor collection.

Love-KANKEI interior accessories are an eclectic assemblage of neutrals and pop of color. We have already inspired you will ideas you can use on a daily basis and re-discover your passion for designing with these admired maximalist decor accessories. Create a surrealistic ripple of earthy elements and tone your living space with contemporary flamboyance with these decadent buys.

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