5 Innovative Shower Ideas to Help You Plan the Best Space for Your Bathroom

Be space savvy with planning out luxurious shower enclosures even in compact bathroom spaces. While tiles and shower curtains are the usual preference, you can also choose to accommodate complete vanity storage with decorative wall mirrors. We have some unique and chic trick up our sleeves for you to consider while renovating your bath space.

When it's an apartment space and you have to squeeze in a glass shower enclosure make sure you design it with reflective shimmery tiles so that the light bounces off its surface. This creates a natural illusion of making the enclosure look airy and spacious. Use bright colors for the tiles or the paint while deciding the color palette. Include marble tiles for depth and chic, if you are a fan of cheeky shades, then creating bold colored bathroom shelves  within the cascade niche will glamorize the area with a pop of color.

Bathroom wooden wall shelves

Add funky patterns with tiles while decorating the bathroom, walk-in shower space can have unique ornate flooring. A checkered flooring design goes well with a minimalist style, whereas a Moroccan inspired blue-toned floor design looks nostalgic and sophisticated at the same time. An excellent way to provide eye-catchy elements are installing gold/brass toned bath fittings, these strike a balance between contemporary and vintage style.

Wall decorative shelves

Capturing a corner for the glass enclosure will give out extra space for bathroom, decorative shelves  and for creating a built-in bench. It can also double up like a sauna, spa for relaxation. Now enjoy maximum time by rejuvenating after a long day by taking a long steam bath within the confines of your own space. A roman bath vibe can be restored by designing a marble door frame entrance for the walk-in glass shower space. It will create an added dimension to any tight space.

Getting in all the natural light can be a bane if you have small windows in the bathroom. To allow in the maximum light for the shower space, make sure to install frosted glass of the shower door that leaves a gap few inches below the ceiling. This will allow premium quality airflow along with ample light without disturbing the existing privacy. Installing task ceiling lights within the shower enclosure will cheer up up space.

Positioning is also important, installing a bay window or skylight for natural lighting is an ideal way to amplify on being environmentally conscious. Building the shower enclosure close to a natural source of light will save electricity and promote green living. Decorating the space with plants is also another way to bring in the outdoors into a healthy indoors theme.

 Shower Squeegee with 1 Replacement Rubber Blade Hook

Keeping the shower doors immaculate is an absolute must on a daily basis, to avoid the build-up of grime and body oils invest in an innovative shower door squeegee. Drive the style quotient higher with Love-KANKEI bathroom accessories. Maintaining a minimalist vertical garden for vanity can be achieved with these geometrically shaped vases. Their modern design allows you to have a flourishing green thumb, now plant aromatic flowers and tiny succulents within your shower enclosure for a soothing ambiance.

Hanging all of your toiletry needs in one space is a miracle, this is now possible with these water-resistant wall racks. Now easily store all your spa essentials, aromatic candles, and bath oils without cluttering your vanity space.

Make most of your bath space with these multi-functional accessories, upgrade your bathroom into a Magnifique oasis in an instant.

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