Love-KANKEI Jewelry Organizers - An End to the Accessory Madness

Jewels and trinkets are an obsessive part of the morning rush. No matter what the outfit we women always drool over the bling and charm of bracelets, statement necklaces, stunning earrings, and shimmery danglers. These intricately designed pieces need special attention and safeguarded storage. We often let them lie around in dusty corners of our cabinet drawers and openly on vanity dressing tables.

These jewels then turn ugly with all the grime and sweat making them useless for the next occasion. Also, they get tangled and break off soon, thus you lose precious collection even before they shine enviable in front of your admirers. We at Love-KANKEI have come up with exclusive rust-free stands that keep all of your jewelry shiny new forever.

wall mount Jewelry organizer

Wall mounted necklace holder  can be an eccentric piece of art and exhibition at the same time. When you lack space for your own vanity powder room and large closet space to get ready these mounts can be your go-to inspiration. All of your bespoke choker collection can effortlessly fit onto these hook based racks. A multi-purpose mount designed out of a rustic wood and metal tone that is powder-coated to perfection.

Lightweight this does not require any professional assembling and fits any corner of the wall easily. You can conveniently hang multiple sets on seven hooks, thirty holes can hold an earring assortment fit for a fashion diva without any nonsense of getting lost and multiple bracelets can hang in flawlessly. You can even dangle your silk scarves from the Beauty letter for a vibrant eye-catchy interior feature. Best as an unconventional headboard for your bedroom or a trendy delight near your bathroom mirror, this jewel induced colorfully blended fixture will steal envious attention.

Tree Jewelry organizer

An authentic jewel display at home inside glass cabinets is the safest way to store all of your family heirlooms. When you have precious stones to protect and lavish diamond sets that need extra care we have the ideal tree tiered jewelry stand. Made out of metal and polished to precision these stands are a de-tangled mean to hold your jewelry additions in style. Not only will your expensive stones remain unscathed and bruise proof, but also they will not get ruined by weather elements. The wooden base is ultimate for storing smaller pieces like rings and tiny earrings. Arrange the neckpieces according to your outfit selections or simply color code the collection for quick access.

6 tier Jewelry organizer

Make your earrings stand out with the six-tiered jewelry organizer; the monotone colors of black and white are both sophisticated and minimal at the same time. They look polished for a dresser and closet space. Store multiple earring sets on the stand with the metal base effectively used for finger rings, nail enamels, lipsticks, and charm bracelets. You can also proudly show off your watch collection on one of the many tiers. Bonus cosmetics and makeup brushes can be stored at the bottom to free up counter space on the bureau and vanity area.

Jewelry organizer

Hope you love our exclusive jewelry storage ideas, end the accessory madness and get yourself these chic millennial organizers. Create your own valued niche of jewelry and flaunt them on any occasion mess-free. These jewelry stands will be a sure shot hit among your fluid fashion-loving family and acquaintances.

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