5 Secret Tricks to Furnish and Modify your Home Look Expensive

How many of us flip or browse through luxury interior magazines to re-create the perfect look for our dream space. We re-read expert columns and cut out pictures for inspirational ideas, even make digital mood boards match our expectations. To render a deceptively expensive look for our living spaces we need to adopt these simple tricks and watch the space transform into a plush haven.

Artsy Collage

Glass photo frames are a passé, with the minimalist approach the new rage, suspending collage style photo frames from the wall is the latest trend in living room wall decor. These are creative and eccentric plus they fit in a lot more amount of clicked snapshots than a single photo frame.

You can make multiple collages and they are exciting DIY projects even for the kids. Coming in super cheap range these wall hanging picture frames by Love-KANKEI are a romantic magic spell for newlywed couples and the ones who are dating. Hang them in your kid’s bedroom too or simply tag your friend’s pictures too with your collection. Unleash your travel and art fantasies on colored snaps and make for interesting conversations at the dinner table.

wall shelve

Roll out the carpet, literally! 

Large rugs and carpets make the room look airy and spacious apart from a glam touch to the existing furniture and decor. Choose a lush blend of velvet and fur to make the most of your legroom area. Plus, you can add fashionable throw pillows for cozy soirees and themed parties.

Woo! your guests by throwing a dinner party completely on a floor seated setting. Serve exotic preps on these charming tiered serving trays and dot the area with chic paper towel holders. Layout the aromatic candles and bring in the projector to enjoy a late-night movie lounging on the huge carpet.

paper towel

Gorgeous Bathroom

Glamorize your bathroom retro style with a checkered floor and vintage ceilings, hang low accent lights near the bathtub and keep the space breezy by installing rustic wall shelves. These shelves will maximize the space and allow you to store all your bath essentials and make-up needs clutter-free from the vanity counters. DIY and paint the shelves with gold tones to make the look luxe. Add decorated tiles as a backsplash for the shower area and put in some fresh flowers in vases to boost a spa-like ambiance.

bathroom shelve

Touch of Royalty with Long Curtains

Kitchen space needs to look stylish with wax polished countertops and marble floors. To capture the royal feel add long dramatic velvet or silk curtains to the kitchen windows. This is an unusual interior fashion for a space that is maximum in use. Not only will the curtains spell privacy, but also add spice to the existing decor. Deck the countertops with fresh flowers every day to make the ambiance pleasant while spending hours whipping up delicious meals. Using wooden trays to exhibit fresh fruits for breakfast is an added touch of sophistication.

Be-jeweled Night Stand

Want to make your nightstand an instant eye-catcher? Stack the tiered jewelry organizer with bling necklaces, shiny pearl earrings, precious stoned rings, and exquisite danglers. This embellished stand will look dazzling alongside the table lamp. At night you will experience the shimmery glow of these jewels on your walls creating a magnetic interior effect. They are also quick access to your morning routine and an elegant storage solution.

Hope these five quick tricks will be applied modishly to re-model your interiors. Love-KANKEI accessories are a clever buy for in the budget impressive looks. It also adds a homely touch to the accessory madness.

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