5 Tricks That Squeeze Every Inch Out of a Small Closet

Modern households lack the luxury of a walk-in closet, especially if one owns an apartment in a busy urban area. Large families have to cope with minimal storage spaces, under these circumstances homemakers have to squeeze every inch out of a small closet. There are children’s clothing, shoe stacks and innumerable smaller items that demand spacious solutions. We have some inspirational hacks to re-arrange tiny closets; these are everyday inexpensive practical ways to generate additional storage for chic living.

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To keep all of your shoes and socks collection secretive without cluttering the closet drawers invest in a translucent plastic organizer with pockets. Not only will these items remain dust-free, but also stay hidden on the insides of the closet door. You can color coordinate your socks with matching pairs of shoes or simply arrange them according to the outfit for the day. It means a breezy morning routine instead of hunting for the right pair all the time.

The closet rod is one organizational space we forget to use often, keep your next day dress or ensemble ready by hanging it neatly onto the rod. If you are an OCD freak then having hangers with clips is an excellent way to store away pants, skirts, and tops that crumple up easily. One such small closet hack  is to have clothespin hooked onto your hangers to hold your formal pants and shirts. This practical way is economical for bachelors who find it difficult to systematize and fold their clothes on a daily basis.

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Keep your tiny space airy by rotating your outfit’s seasonal wise. When in winter stock your closet with thermal and warm winter wear. Mitten, boots, and gloves can hang on the insides of the door. When summer beckons, put all of your winter clothes into an efficient heavy trunk and arrange it as an additional bench near your bed. Fill the closet space with long dresses, short party wear, sunglasses, strappy sandals, and beachwear by giving a stylish closet makeover to the petite space every season.

A woman can never live with only one handbag at the moment; there is a unique collection for every occasion. But these precious totes, handbags, purses, and clutches are too much of maintenance. Also, they take up major space in the closet sections; an uncomplicated way is to hang them from hooks. You can use the rod space in the closet and hang two to three bags from modish hooks for extra storage space.

One of the small closet design ideas is to have pre-installed wooden wall shelves  and build a closet space around it, which is a greater way to tackle and organize clothes when you have to tackle a large household. Your children’s, as well as your outfits, will effortlessly fit into the different shelves allotted. You can also store away shoes and other knick-knacks into wicker baskets and place them at the bottom of the shelves. To give a personalized touch name the shelves according to the members of the family, this can be a fun DIY project for adults and kids if your closet lacks shelves. Build in the shelves and re-invent your interior space for de-cluttered living.

Love-KANKEI has a range of accessories for tiny living. Since millennials are moving out of large homes and settling in tiny spaces near their workplace these organizational items are of great use. The wired shelve divider separates his/her sections precisely on long shelves and you will never have to fight for mixing up your clothes with your partners. You can also put your formal and informal wear in different sections for easy access. It is rust and dust-free hence will not spoil your outfits, accessorize the divider with hats and other small items for additional space. Hope you enjoyed our best tips for chic tiny closet space; do shop for bonus accessories from Love-KANKEI for an enviable interior setting.

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