Less Is More With Love-KANKEI Organizer!

Going minimal with interiors is a daunting task since we have so many ideas when it comes to decorating our dream house. But imagine owning a clean and chic space that can be maintained effortlessly. Less is definitely more when it comes to extra storage and de-cluttered ambience. With Love Kankei items, we will inspire you to fashion a luxurious pad of your own that makes for a comfortable living.

Wall Corner Shelve


Want a completely organized mudroom? Then install wooden wall shelves like ‘cubbies’ that can fit in anything from shoes, old magazines, folder jackets, umbrellas, newpapers to arriving mails. Thus keeping all of the random clutter neatly tucked away from the living room. This space can also be utilized to keep pet items like leashes, collars and their feeding bowls. Fill the entire wall from floor to ceiling with these multi-functional shelves and enjoy a blend of storage plus striking decor.

Toned down

The kitchen is one area where natural light and breeze are essential, since most of the time is consumed in whipping out delicious meals this room needs maximum breathing space. Opt for cabin styled rustic kitchen shelves rather than bulky cabinets. This open shelving will add dimensional value and keep things within eye-sight level. Also the raw woody element gives off countryside feels, adorn the shelves with all white utensils, cutlery and plates. For pops of color install modern appliances in bold shades.

Under the Sink

Redoing the bathroom can be a tad monotonous, but changing just how you store basic items can make a lot of difference. Having bathroom storage shelves under the sink is an excellent way to add more to a tiny space. Embellish these shelves with daily bath essentials, tissues, cotton ball jar, vanity items, and small hand towels. Thus leaving the sink counter top free from wet mess.

Labelled Bundle

There is something so elegant about efficiently labelled bottles, cans and jars. You can DIY your own prints or choose from Etsy, build a 5 tier corner shelf area in the kitchen and stack these labelled pickles, snacks, jams, spice and treat jars. Put method to the madness by printing stickers for your pantry items too, and adorn the daily used food items on these open corner shelves. Thus saving your inventory check time while going for grocery shopping.

Stairways Decor

Don’t feel the need to titivate your walls in every room? Then opt to style your stairway landing with hanging photoframes. There is a sense of serenity when it comes to keeping the walls bare in the living room for natural lighting to bounce off the surface. Organize the frames on the stairway walls, according to your mood, theme and design. Install scones or focus lighting to introduce mood settings. Frame stunning images that will engage the senses and also ring in nostalgia.

Model a relaxing space with rich Love Kankei decor items, one can dream about living in a stress free zone with these multi-functional organized products. Each room with be marked with spaciousness and flow into the adjoining area without being bounded into a  claustrophobic moment.


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