Wall Decoration Ideas: From Modern to Minimalist

What is the most striking feature when you notice when you enter into a living space? The walls ! And if they happen to look deary and outdated then the vibes turn cold instantly. The walls are like a blank canvas that can be dressed from modern to minimalist, with Love Kankei items we can recreate a spectacular visual treat. Take cues from our expert tips and tricks to fashion a lovely ambience for your homes.

Wall Display shelves

Beautiful Facade

Instead of hanging a large mirror on the wall why not have a facade of tiny mirrors in geometric shapes? DIY various designs ex. A mirror tree, abstract art, inspirational quotes, and trendy murals. These wall displays will not only make the room appear larger, but also give off an illusion of brightness in dark corners. Make use of stylish handcrafted mirrors for poignant features and giving a simplistic makeover to any living area.


A great DIY art project for the cooking area, repurpose old large spoons as hooks on the wall. All you need is some vintage spoons, twine and flat wooden surface, place the back of the spoons on the wooden board and fix them onto the surface. Twist the spoons like hooks, use twine to hang photos, frames, artwork, pots and pans from it. Thus fashioning out extra kitchen storage shelves out of aged materials. You can paint the display with bold colors for an eccentric vibe. This style looks great as an above the stove embellishment.

Message Board

Start the day on a positive note, install an elegant message board near the entryway passage. Note down important dates, mails, positive messages, and welcoming quotes for each day. Install a rustic wall shelf by its side to exhibit a chic calendar, handwoven basket for keys, good luck figurines and aroma candles. Your guests will love the optimistic vibes as soon as they enter.

Milk Bottles

Decorate your corner areas with humble milk bottles, you can paint them, add stickers on them, or simply glamourize them with fairy lights. Corner shelves are a great way to open up dull spots in the house. Adorn them with these DIY bottles, add potted plants, tiny framed pictures and personalized gifted items. Thus giving the space an attractive cohesive design.


Whenever we think about a gallery wall we imagine a perfectly symmetric pattern of hanging photoframes. What if you fashion out chaos artistically? Hang a haphazard collection of tribal face masks, paintings, plates and hats along with the exhibited picture display. The wall will look vibrant with the sudden burst of colors, thus portraying a quirky tempo.

Pebble Art

A unique way to make your walls look gorgeous is by displaying pebble art. You can exhibit a grand terrarium with flat neutral pebbles or become a Picasso by coloring smooth surfaced stones and placing them in various shapes inside the shadowbox. This artwork contributes as an eye-catching feature in the bathroom, bedroom and hallway area.

Thus Love Kankei decor items will make your undressed walls look brand new, this curated collection makes for a redefined living with rich interior taste.

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