5 Incredibly Easy Tips to Increase Your Home Beauty!

Something unusual and unexpected in any room makes for a surprise decor touch without breaking the bank. These could be everyday items that one thinks is mundane for decoration, but think about it a bold table lamp can instantly up the vibe of any space. We have some incredible decor tricks that will help you to organize your home with the help of Love Kankei interior decoration collection.

Wall hanging Shelves

Light up, not the ceiling

Placing lights in designated spots on the ceiling can change the mood of the room, but we say you can do it with a table lamp. Have you considered placing a colorful table lamp in the kitchen before? Spell bound right! It can be placed on the counter top, the island or even on floating wooden shelves. This style is startling and one can have an elegant collection of table lamps as wall display along with the plates and pans.

Above the Sink

A set of antique wood bathroom shelves above the sink creates a functional space to store toothbrushes, soap case, shampoo, bath wash and other morning routine items. When you lack the idea of a vanity cabinet and don’t want to clutter the walls with shelving then this technique comes in handy. You can also embellish these shelves with exhibits of art and green plant pots for a refreshing look.

Soda Pop

An innovative way to create a resting space for your jewelry organizer is by placing them on vintage soda pop stools. These epoch antiques can be used as side tables in the bedroom, it rings in a sense of nostalgia from the 1940s. Adorn the jewelry stand with chic statement necklaces, bracelets, rings and stunning gemstone earrings. Surely an eye-catcher and colorful feature that will be loved by your guests.


Have you considered having your certificates and achievements as a wall paper background for all of your zoom meetings? Since we all are working from home what better way than to decorate the home work space with shadowbox decor. Update the wall with these framed wonders and place your accolades into them for an excellent way to impress your business colleagues and guests while on a virtual meeting.

Above the Fridge

The fridge in the kitchen always occupies the dedicated corner spot, make use of this space by placing tier corner shelves for extra storage. Adorn this space with a collection of colorful cups and plates. It can also become the favorite spot by placing all the sweet treats, candy, cookie jars. Keep switching the ambience by organizing the items on the shelf according to the seasons and occasions.

Family Tree

Feel proud about your ancestry? Then have a full fledged feature wall with hanging photoframes displaying your geneaology. This makes for the perfect accent decoration in the living room. Match the frames according to your personal style or the theme of the room, golden and black frames give a sense of luxury and opulence. An assortment of different sized frames, spot lighting and dated back photos give a modish gallery effect.

Love Kankei allows you to use distressed wood as an implausible way to augment your home beauty. While you might opt for expensive themes but these simple tricks mentioned above are game changers for interior lovers, shop these looks for creating a dazzling living space.


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