Interior Design: How to decorate your bedroom space a colorful transition?

The eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary interior decor breathes a leash of fresh life into the dull living spaces. This natural blend of innovation and creativity can be carried out in any given room space. Bedrooms are the space where we spend most of the day for lounging, sleeping and spending some ‘me’ time after a hectic day. Without clashing on the vibrancy and designs we can turn our bedroom space into a colorful transition.

The major restoration to your bedroom will be that it will not look stuck-up in an era. The furniture will be fluid and luxe for any mood setting. You can play around with the textures, wall colors and accessories to create the perfect ambiance.

Go for a Neutral and Light wall color:

You must want to make the light dance off your walls like shimmery lines in the water. Do not paint the walls in heavy melancholic colors, or else go for pastel neutral palates like soft gray, egg white, dusty pink and pistachio green. Embellish the wall with dark wood wall mounted floating shelves  for a dramatic and fresh feel. Place family pictures and delicate flower vases on the floating shelves for a romantic atmosphere. Avoid decorating the walls too much, keep them bare for a minimalist look. The shelves itself will be eye-popping on the neutral colored walls.

Floating wall shelve

Go Rich on the Fabric:

When the patterns are not clashing on the wall, then they must dominate the furnishings. Use colorful rich velvet, silk, satin and gold patterns when it comes to bedroom furnishings, cushions, upholstery, and curtains. The grandeur will make the bedroom feel like a royal chamber and you will enjoy relaxing in the soothing luxe carpets on the floor and drapes that spell magic in the evening breeze. Use four-five different varieties of fabrics for an assortment of subtle co-ordination.

Keep it Grounded and Private:

To incorporate tones of silver, gold and mint is a fresh idea of infusing life into the bedroom space. Place a large statement mirror as a headboard for vintage and theatrical effect. Dress the bed with a canopy of silk curtains that give privacy as well as blend in with the room. Tufted footstools and bench with secret compartments placed on the edge of the bed as seating arrangements are an excellent way to increase storage space. Corner shelves for the bedroom  are ideal to display artifacts, sculptures, and memorabilia without being on-the-face obstruction.

Corner wall shelves

Focal Lighting:

A dream chandelier as the centerpiece will bring out the flamboyance of the rustic era and also compliment the modern furniture pieces. Lighting statement can be achieved by adding bronze, copper or gold metal finish lighting fixtures. For a trendy style use of one metal finish or a blend of metals is considered opulent and eye-catchy.

Living room wall decor shelve

For added display of craftsmanship and luxurious mix of metal and wood incorporate Love-KANKEI wall shelves for bedroom. They are not only an easy fix for all your storage needs but also a great de-clutter item for small apartments. You can effortlessly place them in any corner of the bedroom space and enjoy the full benefits of a stylish lounge area. Place your photographs, contemporary art pieces and envious sculpture collections on these wooden shelves. Ornate wood accessories are making a chic comeback in the living spaces, these items are an asset to the transitional style journey of your homes.




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