Decor Ideas To Make Your Home Celebration Ready

Home celebrations don’t pertain to festivals alone there are many other reasons for happy occasions. Birthdays, anniversaries and small moments of joy that bring family and friends together. Decking up the house for such memorable functions can become an effortless task with our inspirational decor ideas. Hope you enjoy the expert tips and tricks to create a lasting impression on your guests.

Re-modeling the Entryway

Why leave your entryway all dull and boring with shoes, shattered right at the entrance? Create a soothing welcoming ambiance and generate positive vibes throughout the house by placing a stylish wooden shoe-rack. Convert the top of the shoe rack with tufted velvet seating and voila! You have extra bench space. Add glamour by hanging low pendant lamps in various shapes or same size with colorful bulbs. Place a glamourous burst fashioned mirror that reflects light to brighten the area. Vibrant cushions on the bench make space look inviting and reflect a sociable atmosphere. Also, you can now hold charming door discussions before the guests leave your house.

Kitchen Focal Points

Dinner tables are the place where the whole family gathers for wholesome meals at the end of a tiring day or during house parties. Make the space special by creating a focal wall with family pictures and souvenirs from travel escapades. They will mean to make interesting conversations and ice-breaker for guests. You can hang a picture, collages of funny moments, passionate random clicks and embellish them with golden wired fairy lights. An innovative kitchen island lighting is to decorate bird cages with fairy lights and place your pictures in it, then hang it from the ceiling like spotlights. These decor fashioned out of everyday objects are eye-catchy and appealing for celebrations.

corner wall shelves

Living Room Makeover

Arrange the furniture around a large center table, if the table comes from reclaimed wood then it will create a rustic feel. Place a bronze holder in the middle, fill it with water and aromatic flower petals. This will freshen up the atmosphere, place attractive books and magazines on the table or install corner shelf wall mounts to hold artifacts and sculptures. Corners are easily neglected and fashioning bookshelves in that space transforms them into cozy reading nooks. Place floor-length lamps and winged armchairs, during festivals, decorate the corner shelves with lamps and other potpourri family items.

Dressing up Kitchen Countertops

kitchen wall shelves

Messy kitchen tops while hosting parties is a passé with tiered display food serving trays. Whip up your gourmet meals and exhibit them stylishly for your loved ones to savor. This will also save space from extra plates and cutlery that naturally accumulate on the counter. Make colorful tissue pom poms and fashion them as flowers, then place them around the hosting area for a vibrant display. You are never too old for a touch of drama with confetti balls and balloons, apply glittery confetti on your decorations for a glam effect. Place DIY photo booths or accessories and click amazing pictures to impress your social media followers.

wall decoration

Love – KANKEI has an impressive line of living room wall decor accessories that can be used to enhance the visual aesthetic sense of your living spaces. The serving trays can create instant ice cream and snacks booths. With rustic shelves, you can fashion out giant display sets of wallflowers that hang or sit from the shelves. Decorative ceramic pots in various shapes can become a major accessorized wall decors. If you are holding a backyard wedding then, hang picture collage outdoors for a dreamy romantic effect during garden parties/weddings that are family-themed, string lights and lanterns will make the occasion extra special.

Make use of these Love-Kankei objects for any home celebration, these decor items are celebration ready and create lovely memories.

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