Inspiring Home Decor Trends You’ll Be Tempted To Try In 2021

With the new year coming in there will be plenty of plans to remodel interior settings in and around the living space. Instead of sticking with contemporary designs and decor ideas we suggest some fresh trends that will tempt you into creating a larger than life space. Love Kankei allows you to unleash your creative style and deck your homes with multiple stunning options.

Wall Hanging Shelve

Eccentric Illumination

When we think about creating the right kind of ambience to fix our mood, the one thing that pops out is efficient lighting. Since most of us live in city apartments getting the right natural light is a dream, hence make your space look lively with knotted light fixtures. This illumination trend has become a rage since the light fixtures are hand blown and have a knot like features for a glamorous luxurious feel. Hang these lights near featured walls that are adorned with wall hanging collage photo frames. It will set in the mood for an eye striking art and picture gallery. Also a great idea to redo your entryway with knotted light fixtures, an instant wow! factor for the guests when they enter your home.


The idea is make a functional living out of the quarantine period, since we are stuck at home one can redecorate the house according to multipurpose needs. Set up your vanity counter with jewelry hanger, this means less time in getting dressed. Also a perfect match to make your makeup space look glam with stylish jewelry. Arrange all of your statement neck pieces, rings and bracelets in a pretty way. If you have a Youtube channel or love making makeup videos then this can be the ideal set up to show off your precious collection.


Your already tiny bathroom space doesn’t need cabinets and extra large furniture, instead go for affordable wooden shelves as bathroom storage. These not only make the bare walls look chic but also give ample of space to store all the towels, soap, bath items, spa luxuries, antique pieces, sculptures, inspirational quote frames and plants. This adds dimension to a small bathing space, also it will make the bathroom appear more spacious. Add a striking shower curtain to complete the lux look.

Indoor Entertainment

Since we all are stuck at home and have to adjust with indoor entertainment then turning the living room into a visual treat is the need of the hour. We can install 5 tier corner shelving and convert the corner area into a snack zone. Use it in myriad ways by keeping music records, books, wine glasses, popcorn packets, wine bottles, and jars of assorted candies or cookies. By placing a large serving table underneath these shelves you will have extra space for organizing binge nights at home. Thus turning your corner area into a well lit organized zone.

Love Kankei has bought together a collection of home decor items that are elegant and affordable. Now design a luxurious space in 2021 and enjoy the benefits of staying at home in mode.

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