4 Easy DIY Hacks to Decorate Your Home In 2021

The festival season is over and we have plenty of decorations to get rid of, while we are at it there is a wonderful chance to redecorate the living space to welcome in the New Year. Don’t rely on expensive trends, but tiny DIY hacks can transform any room into a dream space. Love Kankei interior decor items are an ideal choice for in-the-budget design renovation. We have a few wonderful ideas with which your creativity will come out in flying colors.

Wall hanging Shelves
  1. Hammock style

Having just one shelf space in the tiny bathroom? Then DIY yourself a pretty hanging hammock out of medium sized baskets and wires. It is easy to fetch plastic baskets or wooden ones from the market, tie them to flexible wires and hang them from the shelf. You can make this hammock styled bathroom storage into 4 tier or 3 tiered extra space. Put in all of your bath essentials, face towels, small pieces of jewelry, makeup, scented oils and other small items into these makeshift baskets. You can also add a touch of green by allowing a money plant or an artificial climber decoration to embellish the display.

  1. Suitcase display

We all have these vintage small sized suitcases thrown somewhere in the store room or the attic, it is now time to make some use of these. Clean and re-paint these suitcases with bright eye-catchy colors and put them of wooden wall shelves. Voila! You now have a space to hold all of your trophies, sculptures, wine bottles, bottled plant collection, etc. This suitcase styled storage can be an excellent DIY exhibit and a bar counter solution for city apartments. You can also convert your bare corner walls into a snack counter with this type of display on floating shelves; add jars of cookies and other snacks.

  1. Not just a pot rack

Kitchen pot racks are not just meant for storing away your daily utensils and cookery items, but they can help beautify the space too. Add glamorous chalk board or DIY a gorgeous message board which can hang from the rack. This can be used to write recipes, grocery check list, pantry check, and small inspirational quotes to brighten up the day. You can also write down the menu for the day and keep things interesting in the kitchen.

  1. Charging point with a dazzling twist

We all struggle with our phones while we try to find a decent space to put it on charging. DIY a floating wooden space exclusively near the plug point to convert it into a charging station, adorn the area with a modern hanging photo-frame gallery. This can be done on the hallway walls, entryway, and the passageway, thus making good use of the empty walls in the house. It can also become an excellent way to decorate the sides of the bed. Add potted plants and turn the hanging space into a beautiful enigma.

Love Kankei allows you to indulge in your artistic best with its amazing array of interior items. These vibrant DIY hacks will spice up your home in 2021 and effortlessly bring a stately style to your space.

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