How to Style Up an Empty Wall with Rustic Touch!

Empty walls are gorgeous home decor spots to decorate and instantly up the glam quotient. Wallpapers and designs are some of the common interior decor techniques that we adapt to brighten up the space. With Love-Kankei attractive items you can plan to transform your home into a rustic splendor. We have come up with eye-catching tips and tricks for you to implement while planning a re-do of your walls.

wall display Shelves

Inspirational Corner

We often think of decking up the headboard in the bedroom with pretty pictures and motivational quotes. But have you ever thought of re-decorating the corner walls? Install tier corner shelves and embellish them with photoframes that give out positive messages. You can also adorn these shelves with your achievements, awards and mementos, this is also an excellent opportunity to convert the space into a mini home office. Place a work desk and add stationeries to the shelves to keep things organized.

Wooden Sign

The space below the staircase and the landing are left unused most of the time, place hanging wall shelves and unleash your creativity. Hang or simply attach signs like – Love Resides Here, Eat, Love, Pray and Blessings Galore on these wooden shelves. You can re-paint the signs in bold letters and colors, if possible use reclaimed wood for a rustic farmhouse style effect. This idea can also be implemented in the kitchen, by hanging signs like Good Food, Pantry Meals etc. Add aromatic candles and scent diffusers on these shelves to create a positive environ.

Theme Decor

Whether you are a fan of dark goth or a bright and beachy corner, you can fashion this desired magical effect with wall display sets of three. For beach lovers adorn these wall display with shells, nautical themed artifacts, and ocean inspired paintings. Goth lovers can add eccentric sculptures, statues and dark paintings. You can remodel in an inexpensive way to craft a featured wall in the living area with any given theme. For tiny apartment spaces a green themed wall vibes well with pots of plants on these wall shelves. It brings in a fresh atmosphere for a dry city life.

Weird wall decor

Have you ever considered about painting your old vintage chair and hanging it on the wall? This style can be used as a unique corner to display art and other small collectibles, what is even more eccentric is to beautify the chair with shadowbox photoframe. It will made for an excellent headboard or you can hang the chair on the passageway wall like a eatured heirloom. Fill the shadowbox frame with nostalgic knickknacks, vintage photographs, jewels and handmade artwork. Make this corner special by adding bold rug and spot lighting to switch on the ambience and mood.

Love Kankei decor items are fit for converting your living space into a rustic haven, why leave the walls of your house high and dry when you can fashion them into heart stopping graphic impact. Hope you loved our amazing tips to dress up your walls the way your personality spills over your breathing space.



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