Inspiration for Every Style: Spring Season Wall Decoration

It is time to abandon the cold interior theme of winter and welcome nature in its full bloom. The spring season is a joyous celebration of life which means it’s time to incorporate lively colors as wall decorations. With Love Kankei decor items one can transform any room into a soothing oasis.

Wall Decoration Ideas

We bring in some gorgeous tips and trips to convert your home into a floral paradise this spring.

Hanging Garden

The most beautiful trend taken over this season is having an enthral headboard made out of colorful flowers. When you want your bedroom to soak in the magic of full blooms, DIY a garland or string of colorful fake flowers along with make believe leaves. Hang it from a large branch fixed on the wall right above your bed. You can embellish this display with hanging photoframe, fairy lights, and dazzling beads. This kaleidoscope of elegant hues complements with the green theme and is also an easy spring decor fix.

Not more than a Minute

Switch up your heavy wall decorations with effortlessly printed pictures of various pretty birds. Printable versions of spring birds are readily available for free online, DIY these onto shadowbox for an outlandish exhibit on bare spaces. Place these frames on the passage, entryway, toilet, staircase, laundry and vanity walls. This will turn out to be one of the coolest crafts for this cheerful season.

Adorable Wreaths

Spring wreaths are a big style to showcase the abundance and glory of nature. Why leave the side walls, empty when you can adorn them with tier corner shelves that can show off gorgeous wreaths? DIY your own batch of colorful wreaths out of rustic branches complete with bows, tassels, lace, faux leaves and flowers. Hang them from these corner shelves to create a backdrop of charm in every room. You can also add good luck charms and bracelets to these wreaths to ring in prosperity.

Jar Vases

Give a farmhouse style touch to your kitchen with DIY jar vases, use empty mason jars to fashion out stunning flower vases. Decorate these glass jars with fresh flowers and adorn them on rustic shelves in the kitchen. Style the display with lively twigs and wild leaves to create a unique spring look. Arrange them in a scattered fashion on the wooden shelves for an eye-catchy vibe.

Dried Flowers

A natural way to decorate your featured wall is with varied frames of dried flowers. DIY these frames with bold colors and ornament them with physically preserved collection of pretty flowers and leaves. Embellish the wall shelves in a range of frames, you can also change the backdrop with a striking wallpaper inspired by the spring theme.

Love Kankei has all the desired home decor pieces you need to reimagine your space into a spring retreat. When you decorate your walls with these patterns, textures and colors it will stand out and become awe inspiring for your guests. Whether it is hand lettered frames, abstract art, black and white decor or florals each with add to the ambience and make your home look spring chic.

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