7 Expert Tips to Make Your Home More Accessible!

It’s not only creating a beautiful home, but also making it functional and accessible for everyone. Sometimes eccentric decor does not serve the purpose of making effortless living, but with Love-Kankei interior items we give you pro tips on fashioning out a space that eludes charm and daily use.

Wall shelves
  1. Ditching heights

Using the lower storage areas is a masterstroke especially if you have kids and people with disabilities around the house. One such space is the bathroom; recreate the vanity by using the area under the sink as a modern bathroom storage shelf. You can install wooden floating shelves and then cover them up with solid doors like purposeful cabinets. It is easy to fit in all your bath essentials, hand towels, aromatic candles, and other items within hands reach. It is an excellent installation for people who use the wheelchair, make sure to place the mirror on eye-level for convenience.

  1. Grab Bars

The smooth surface in the toilet and shower areas can become slippery when wet with excess water. Make these areas safe by installing metal grab bars beside the toilet seat and within the enclosed shower space. These can also be used to hang towels and shower caps, thus adding stability and multi-purpose features mainly for older folks at home.

  1. Open Shelves

One of the biggest issues in the kitchen is placing everything at hand-eye level, sometimes the problem with traditional cabinetry is you cannot access utensils, gadgets and other daily cooking items effortlessly due to its placement high on the wall. Bring about a positive change with lower opened wall shelves that can be practical for people of any height. This also allows you to pair down on cutlery, pots, pans and plates giving your kitchen a sophisticated look. Keep the shelves eye-catchy by adding books and vases as funky decor.

  1. Adjustable Dining

A foldable dining table on the wall makes it for technology meeting modern storage solutions. This is an innovative way to add space into tiny apartments, an accessible seating area to enjoy meals. Having this kind of elegant setting next to a large window is an advantage. This table can also be used as office space when not in use to entertain guests, thus increasing functionality.

  1. Movable Closet

Imagine having pull down rods inside the closet for easy storing of clothes, jewels and other items. When you lack space install a set of rods that can be adjusted according to one's height while using the closet. Getting a jewelry hanger for your precious collection is another option to have an accessible vanity area. Hang all of your daily jewelry items in one place and save time during the morning rush.

  1. Corner Art

Fed up with all the soft toys lying scattered on the kid’s bedroom floor, then placing all the cute toys on 5 tiered corner shelves is an excellent way to create extra storage. Another way to use this type of shelving is in the living room, embellish the wooden shelves with artwork, picture frames and decorative items. Illuminate the area with dainty fairy lights to instantly uplift the mood.

  1. Shadowbox Storage

The versatile shadowbox  is not only a great way to commemorate a loved one, but also a grand feature to display terrarium plants on the walls. It can also be used as a spot to store all of your travel memorabilia e.g. Air tickets, concert passes, restaurant insignia’s and other little items picked up during a unforgettable vacation. They can also be used to exhibit medals, jewels, eccentric tribal face masks, and other decor items.

Love Kankei is the one stop solution to all of your interior needs, with these exclusive tips your home will be more accessible to your loved ones and display a sense of luxury and chic.

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