6 Fabulous Home Decor & Storage Tip and Tricks

Whether living in a loft or a large mansion storage has always been the topmost priority for homeowners. Love Kankei has some fabulous storage tips and tricks for you to take inspirations from. Take advantage of every inch of your rooms to build a comfy and cozy ambience which is clutter free.

Kitchen Wall Hanging
  1. Entryway is Everything

The first impressions when one sets foot in any home is the design of the entry. Create a unique and tranquil welcome zone by adorning the bareness with a wall shelf unit that can hold keys, letters, sunglasses and other small knick knacks. A decorative giant mirror to finish off last makeup touch-ups before you hit the door. Hang hooks from the wooden shelf to provide extra storage for coats, hats, purses and other go-to items. A long bench placed under the wall set up with storage area will be ideal for the footwear collection as well.

  1. Using every inch

City dwellers have to face miniscule kitchens and it becomes impossible to get enough counter space to cook and store. Thus, the use of every inch of the wall is transformed into a necessity, the floating installation of vertical rustic kitchen shelves is an excellent solution for confined areas. Organizing the daily usage utensils in an orderly manner on these shelves will reduce time wastage while cooking, the non used items and gadgets can be kept on the upper shelves. These elegant wooden shelves can also be used as a spice rack and a mini vegetable garden.

  1. Faux Built in

Some houses come with custom built-in storage units, but it is not possible to have these luxurious features in an apartment. Hence, to have all your pots and pans in one place build a faux solution in the kitchen with an empty book cupboard or showcase. This can be used as an additional pot rack, all your kitchen essentials can also be preserved in a structured way with this integrated space.

  1. Making things work

Change every feature inside your home into a multi dimensional and functional space. A day bed which acts like a lounge area can be converted into a guest bed for a night stay. Add display corner shelves for stacking up nostalgic music records, books and artwork. Thus you will end up having a designated entertainment area even in a small space. These shelves can also be used as a floating bar unit when you have a large house party.

  1. Metal Vanity

When you are bored to install cabinets or high end expensive pieces as vanity showcases, then use industrial metal shelving to store all of your makeup essentials. Having a jewelry organizer will work wonders for your statement necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets on display. Plan out on which jewelry you wish to wear for the week by organizing them occasion wise on these metal shelves. Keep things fun by embellishing the exhibit with fairy or mood lighting.

  1. Simple Baskets

One of the cheapest ways to store away things is by adding coir baskets as display, these can easily fit into any space. You can adorn these baskets on shelves in the kitchen, entryway, laundry room and even your closet. These are multi-functional and can be used to store shoes, books, magazines, makeup items and other knick-knacks.

Thus Love Kankei decor items can beautify any space within minutes, you have a wonderful storage solution with these products. With a little ingenuity and inventiveness one can create the home of dreams with these interior objects.

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