3 Insanely Clever Ideas To Care Your Jewelry With Minimum Effort

Women love ‘gem talks’ with their girlfriends and sometimes even the tiniest precious tip can be a life-saving hack for an extravagant jewelry collection.

There are lots of questions when it comes to maintaining gems and jewels, most of us own more than one piece. A large part of this collection is always nostalgic, there will be vintage brooches dating back to centuries passed down as an heirloom, diamond earrings and necklaces from loved ones, special gifts and sentimental values attached to the rings. Hence the jewelry collection becomes priceless with time. Hence our quick suggestion guide will focus on keeping them untangled and unbroken with minimal effort.

Transform your jewelry box:

Follow these effortless daily tips and you won’t have a bad jewelry day ever. Your main priority should be to clean the pieces which you wear daily with a soft cloth. Another jewelry storage idea is to auction off the treasures which are no longer needed, participate in online bidding to get an ideal bargain price for your collection. This will open up more space in your box to add new pieces. Next will be to color co-ordinate the jewelry, identify which colors you love and pick only those while purchasing new items. Keep the jewel case clean, finally, get yourself acquainted with an excellent jeweler who can repair and restore broken pieces.

Dated jewelry:

Intricately designed pieces and antiques dating back to probably your ancestors are a treasure trove. You got to be extra careful while storing them, make sure the jewelry box is airtight. An encased collection within a glass cabinet is an excellent way to display antique jewels. To make things even simple use a jewelry tree organizer within the enclosed display glass to divide the jewels into various sections with ease. Never wet your antique jewels, especially beaded gems and threaded pearls. Avoid using household cleaners, shampoos and perfumes to clean them, instead just use a clean soft cloth to dust them often.

Dressing Tips:

Keep the best for the last, avoid wearing jewelry while dressing, instead put on your accessories after you are completed done with hair-care and make-up. This will ensure that your collection is contamination-free and stays shiny new every time you wear them. Keep an earring tree stand handy while doing up your hair even on the daily morning routine, let your earrings hang on the tiered stand till you finish styling your hair, thus avoiding tangling with combs, brushes, and hair. A jewelry tree stand becomes essential while doing household chores and while at the manicurist too, remove your rings, bracelets and added accessories to store on the jewel stand to avoid any broken chips to them.

Love-KANKEI can become the joy for any jewelry collector, they have an exquisite selection of jewelry tree stands. You will be spoiled with choices, the jewelry tree stand comes in varying sizes and shapes. They even have a secret compartment at the base to store away gems and stones. You can create order out of chaos with your necklace and statement pieces, hang them at varying lengths on the tiers.

Fine jewelry represents the human passion and an extension of beauty with metals, Love-Kankei accessories allow you to carry on with your glitzy obsessions with their tiered narrative that are both modern and vintage for any shiny sought-after piece de resistance.

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