How To Style a Home With Wall Hangings?

Large-scale artwork, paintings and aesthetically pleasing motifs are ideal for spacious rooms. Some of us even stick to a minimalist statement style to make the intimidating blank walls look like a colorful melange of emotions. We have a few gorgeous tips on how to convert any monotonous wall into an eye-catching visual delight with Love Kankei wall hangings.

wall photoframe

A Beautiful Mess

Time to throw away caution and embrace eccentric patterns on the wall, a huge wall rug, tapestry or crochet work along with hanging photo frames on either side is an excellent way to incorporate tribal decor. Photos of a safari, zoo, wild night camping and the night sky on a collage picture frame that is daintily held by wooden work looks rustic and cottage like. Make the space welcoming by adding throw pillows on the ground, a solid coffee table, a thick floor rug and tall floor vases. Thus creating an ambient space with contrasting wall and furniture.

Going Bold

Turn your dining area bold with right angled wall displays, these shelves can be used to exhibit all of your cutlery, wine bottles, wine glasses and china ware. This open shelf concept can also convert into a cozy bar while you host movie nights and get-together evenings with friends. Color these shelves in gallant textures for stunning visual gratification, switch the cutlery according to occasion and festivity.

Over the Wash Basin

Fewer times we utilize the empty wall space above the wash basins in the bathroom, powder room, laundry room and the kitchen. Installing storage shelves above the wash basins, not only provide functionality but also allow you to stock up on essentials. You can effortlessly keep your daily routine makeup items, toothbrushes, creams and face wash items on these shelves above the bathroom wash basin. The kitchen basin shelves can hold cleaning items like extra napkin towels and paper rolls. The laundry shelves above the wash basin can hold extra cloth detergent, liquid cleaners and soaps.

Turning Arty

Wall shadow box frames  not only hold melancholic memories, but are also an exceptional way to preserve art. Dried leaves and flower art, vivid hats art, ceramic plate artwork, and also rare paintings. These can be displayed proudly on entryways and also featured on statement walls in the living room. You can also use these frames in the bedroom to flaunt paper cuttings, trophies and memorablia that define your personality.

Organizational Office Space

Turn the bare walls of your home office into an organizational wonder with crafty wall shelves. You can display a wall calendar on this shelf to note down all your appointments and schedule, you can even put up elegant frames with inspirational quotes. This wall storage space can be used as an impromptu file or diary holding area. All of your office stationary supplies can be neatly stacked away. Thus making your work from home an effortless experience.

Love Kankei is a tasteful home owners delight, it has a wide range of home decor products that meet quality standards and is also easy on the budget. Do not waste another minute on putting away your decor needs only for special occasions. Head over to the online store and turn into an interior wizard within seconds by adding these functional items to your home improvement list.

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