Adorable Home Storage With Stylish Wooden Touch!

Neat storage solutions make the space look eclectic and fun, especially during festive times. Embrace super-contemporary decorative pieces that add functionality and durability to your living areas. These multi functional decors from Love Kankei not only bring charm, but also require less time to assemble and instantly lift the ambience of any dull corner. We have some wonderful suggestions for a roomy face lift.

three wall shelf

Eye catching Displays:

The bare bone wall look is so out of style, this was quite the rage for minimalists who loved bricked style walls and space. But if your abode is small and you want to live king-size then adding voguish wall hangings is the nouveau decor anthem. Be it a collage of all your nostalgic memories displayed via multi photo frames or by hanging wooden wall shelves that bring in earthy tones to any living space. Imagine having a comfy reading corner with all your books stacked on floating shelves instead of being strewn on the floor. This can also turn into a featured wall space for your living room, pure bliss for a homemaker.

Bathroom Panache:

Often, bathrooms are left without wall shelving, the cabinets and vanity corner are crammed with daily luxury items. Instead, in-corporate bathroom storage shelving by utilising the vacant wall corners. Love-Kankei rustic wooden corner floating shelves can hold your spa essentials, aromatic candles, bottles of rich skin indulgence and face towels. The combination of dark wood and metal keeps them rust free and an effortless five tier storage space. You can also create a mini terrarium garden for aesthetic feels, especially for a guest bathroom with these storage shelves.

Brighten the Kitchen:

The only place in the whole house where one spends countless hours is the kitchen. Nothing can ever be perfect in this space, there is so much to store and put away from the counters. Clutter over the counter tops and cooking area is the main source of mess, but now, indulge in sensible storing with affordable spice racks from Love-Kankei. These racks are sturdy enough to hold daily cooking essentials as well as spoons and ladles. If you are lacking space for utensils, pickle and jam bottles, pet food and children’s snacks then installing chic wooden floating shelves is an excellent alternative to boxed glass cabinets. These designer shelves will sort out your storage needs and keep the counter tops free for additional three tier food displays and assorted kitchen decor.

Bedroom Hotchpotch:

The headboard is an ideal way to store away collectables, picture frames, toys and artwork. Floating shelves are an excellent way to keep your passion of hoarding cute knickknacks alive. If you are an avid traveller or an amateur photographer, these shelves can hold all of your trophy collections and also maintain peaceful vibes. You can also pair mood lighting on the base of these wooden displays to create a romantic atmosphere while relaxing. These can also serve as reading lights while you snuggle up in the bed with a good book. Thus making your bedroom a personal serene lounge with these innovative wall displays.

Love-Kankei has a wide range of lavish decor items that one can indulge into renewing and upgrading without holding on to the purse strings tightly. For a home that vibes with traditional and modern tones that flawlessly complements your visual style. You’ll find a ton of inspirational wooden pieces to get your interior ideas into reality.

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