9 Awesome Home Decor & Organizing Ideas That Last Forever!

We have heard a lot about organizing our homes during the festivities and occasion, but there are amazing hacks that allow you to decorate your space whole year round. With Love Kankei home decor items one can change the look and feel of any room in an instant. Follow us as we bring in fresh tips and tricks that will make your guests swoon over your living space.

Wall hanging shelf

1. Floral arrangements

Fragrant flower arrangements are an instant mood enhancer, they not only vibe with the ambience, but also bring in chic contrast to a dull room. By celebrating these bounties of nature by placing them in an attractive vase over floating wall shelves in the entryway, the kitchen, and the bathroom is a unique way to maximize empty walls. Paint the floating shelves according to your style of texture and color to upgrade into a voguish look. This decor idea will give a surprising edge to a small room, especially a congested kitchen. Put up an herb garden along with the floral setup for an exciting feature wall in the kitchen.

2. Metallic’s

Bathrooms need a fixer upper with metallic hanging wall shelves with hooks, make them look chic by painting them golden or any other bold color in contrast to the bathroom tiles. Forget symmetry and craft new patterns on the wall while installing these shelves, they can act like extra bathroom storage shelves  for holding towels and other bathing potpourri. 

3. Family Tree Gallery Wall

Spice up your passway by turning it into a family tree gallery wall, hang pictures into frames of different shapes and sizes. Model the pictures according to a black and white frame theme, you can also hang box frames, these are an ideal way to reveal influential memories like awards and medals. Whereas it can also be an epic way to commemorate the passing of a loved one by displaying their souvenirs for generations.

4. Sprucing up the Fireplace

If your elegant fireplace is missing detailing then add wall hanging photo frames to instantly bring in nostalgia and beauty. Collage picture frames are an ideal choice to display multiple photos in a single instant. You can showcase theme wise memories and also switch up the exhibit along with festival and occasion. A pleasant way to start conversations while family and friends spend time together around the fireplace.

5. Pop of Color

An unexpected pop of color in the bedroom is installing a hanging jewelry shelf, this will not only provide an enticing vanity corner but also make the room look stunning. Display your finest neck pieces, statement necklaces, sunglasses collection, rings and bracelets on this shelf. Add some panache by coloring the shelf according to the mood of the room. When your bed is lacking a headboard this idea can bring in depth, utility and dimension instead of a simple wall painting or art exhibit.

6. Terrarium

Love greenery? Are you a firm believer of turning your space into a green oasis? Then feature the corner wall with a hanging or floating terrarium garden on corner shelves. You can bring in colorful aesthetics by decorating this garden with gnomes and fairy sculptures. This is ideal for apartments and small spaces that need a breath of fresh air. Enhance the mood by beautifying the space with fairy lights, you can also add pots of small plants that act as air purifiers onto these corner shelves. Thus, having your own little serene green space in a concrete atmosphere.

7. Collector’s Pride

Often we collect knick knacks from our trips abroad and while we are on vacation, some of us are even avid collectors of cars, vintage bottles and other items. But we frequently lack space to show these passions off. The best way to display your collectible items is by installing floating shelves just below the ceiling of any room of your choice. Thus creating storage space above the floor, this is also an excellent way to flaunt festive decorations or having a floating library across the living space.

8. Behind the Door

Hide all your ugly pots, large cooking spoons and pans behind the door of the kitchen by installing a kitchen pot rack away from prying eyes. You can also put away all the unwanted utensils on these shelves along with small appliances. This not only increases functionality, but also keeps your counter tops sparkling clean. These pot racks can also be installed inside sturdy cabinets on the wall to add extra storage unit for pantry space and snacks.

9. Floating Side Table

Utilize the walls on the sides of your bed by adding chic wooden shelves instead of side tables. Thus giving in lots of grounding space below for adding lounge chairs or luxury end benches. You can put away toys and other kid’s items on these shelves in a children’s bedroom. Family photo frames, alarm clocks and other artful items can enhance the side space with these rustic shelves.

Thus Love Kankei home decor objects generate an interesting vibe and redefine any given living space. Bring in antique or modern touch with tonnes of design and whimsical objects, now, organize your space to your taste with these masterclass layering decor items.

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