5 Essential Walls Decorative for Any Home

A fun way to convey your personality style while fashioning the decor of any room is the attractive wall features. A natural pop of color with exclusive art exhibits, rustic tapestry with the family symbol or names, and creative wall hangings make a statement. We have some inspiring ideas for wall exhibits by Love-Kankei that can make any living area beautiful.

Neon Signs

Neon Signs

Alphabetical neon signs have become the ‘it’ item to display hidden messages or feelings on bedroom and lounge areas. It conveniently draws one’s attention when you walk into the room; the look and feels of an illuminated neon sign are gorgeous and modern. Combined with family photo galleries, it can be a striking alternative for a massive headboard in the bedroom or work as a centerpiece for an accent wall.

Framed Art

wall framed art decoratives

Candy art is the current flavor of the season; pictures of colorful candies framed for eternity, bring a pop of color to the room. When placed on rustic floating wooden shelves, these artworks look like a staggering piece de resistance in the room. Floating shelves are a go-to for all spaces in the house, and they look the incredibly chic and elegant way of displaying one’s curated art collection. They add depth and character to the decor, and one can customize and create a memorable aura around the room.

Organic Herb Wall Garden

wall garden

City folks do not get the luxury of growing organic foodstuff for consumption, the lack of space and smaller apartment styles make it difficult to tailor certain food enthusiasts into having organic meals. Wall planter, vases can be an effective solution for all the green thumb owners who wish to eat clean. Having an enviable organic herb wall garden can adorn the kitchen or dining space walls. Love-Kankei has an impressive collection of wall planters with geometric patterned copper holders that look luxurious. They give a decorative touch to indoor greenery in any compact living space.

Wall Organizers

wall mount organizer

Workaholics switch off with unkempt office spaces. Hence there is a need to have efficient organizers. Wall organizers keep the majority of the stationery clutter off the work desk. These exclusive wall grids can hold most of the office material and are multi-tasking if you lack any storage space in the room. Host it onto the wall, and the entire spectrum of the workspace changes into a chic environment. The fluid design works with the wall texture and colors, a good investment if you are looking for a useable art piece.

Jewelry Wall mount

Wall mount jewelry organised

The highlight to any fashionista’s room is the jewelry and the makeup collection. But when space is tight, it becomes difficult to adjust the growing wish list. A simple solution is to own a wall mount jewelry holder. The one which Love-Kankei offers comes in dazzling lettered design. The metal design makes it a durable piece of the luxury item holder with plenty of capacity, a perfect gift choice for the woman of your life.

Wall decorative give a unique flair to the living spaces, and Love-Kankei has the beauty, character, and drama for making your home decor personal. No matter how you hang, your wall decor Love-Kankei has an impressive collection for all rooms.

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