How to Decorate and Organize Small Space In Minimum Budget?

Do you love flaunting your decor pictures all over Instagram? Is everyone a fan of your organizing skills? Then, indulging in Love Kankei decor items to create a stunning abode is the ideal choice. These affordable home decorative products allow you to revamp one room at a time without making it strenuous. We are suggesting few oomph styles to make a rich statement in a small space.

Wall hanging shelves

Light up

Lights are not meant only for special occasions, decking up the ambience with mood lighting can instantly rejuvenate senses. Floating wall shelves near the entryway can exhibit dainty fairy lights in vintage bottles that herald prosperity, this also serves as an eye-catchy upbeat artifact for the guests. Enhance the romantic vibes in the bedroom by decorating floating shelves with fragrant candles in the corner space. Mood lighting under the shelves in the bathroom will set the tone for a relaxing bath experience after a stressful day.


A library space is a luxury if you live in a city apartment, but a symmetrical book shelf as featured wall is ideal for a living space. You can also make an exception and install wooden book shelves inside the toilet or the balcony, a good read in solace is always a precious way to spend time productively.

Effortless Entertainment Zone

You really don’t need to go out of your way to create an opulent entertainment zone in the living room. Wooden and metallic toned shelves suffice to store CD’s, DVD, music record and artistic living room displays. Flank the TV on either side with rustic wooden shelves to convert it into a budget friendly focus wall. Add picture frames of varying sizes for dimension and visual aesthetics. Attach trendy light panels at the bottom of the shelves to make the space appear larger than life.


Mirrors always add a touch of glamour and reflect the light creating an illusion of a large area. Installing mirrors on shelves in the bathroom will make the dull space look spacious and bright. These shelves will also provide extra bathroom storage space for makeup, toiletries and other accessories along with tastefully framed mirrors. Dramatic hanging lights from the ceiling will complete this luxurious look in a petite styled city bathroom.

High End Kitchen

Display shelves in the kitchen will take the horde off the floor and the counter tops. Your marble tops will only be occupied by delicious food tier plates and glass snack jars. Give your kitchen walls an upscale display case appearance with floating wooden shelves filled with lavish porcelain items, pots, pans and cabinets. DIY elegant exhibits into box shadow frames for a stunning imagery of your famous family recipes and food photography. Thus creating a memorable element of surprise with a personalized touch.

Thus mazimize the utilization of your small space with shoe string budget by investing in Love Kankei home decor products. The items will tickle your fantasy of creating space efficient interiors based on personal needs. Indulge now in adding variety to your rooms and showcasing your decorating talents to the envy of others.

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