5 Affordable And Easy Decor Ideas For Every Home!

A fresh outlook towards interior decor while renovating your home is a must, nothing beats the feeling of entering into a chic organized home. Love Kankei has affordable decor products that can transform your abode into a luxurious oasis. Now go life-size on style and low on the budget with these amazing tips and tricks.

Wall corner shelves

1. Cozy Nook

An attractive corner wall can be converted into a cozy reading nook or a comfortable breakfast area. Adorn the wall with corner wall shelves, this can be used to store collectible books, art, replica paintings or flaunt your exquisite coffee mugs, handblown wine glasses, breakfast plates and tea sets. Complete the interior look with dainty chairs and a rotunda table. Add a huge china flower vase on the table with fresh flowers and voila! you have your own coffee house style comfy nook for a relaxed afternoon tea or scrumptious morning breakfast along with excellent books.

2. Barn Style Mud Room

Have you ever thought about having wooden wall shelves as sitting benches in the mud room? Their functionality can be multi-fold, with these benches being used to store, footwear, seasonal items like umbrellas, paper towels and wicker baskets for storing smaller items. These bran style vintage benches can also be used as changing station for pet accessories while taking them out on a walk. You won’t need to add extra storage to your mud room since these wooden shelves are highly durable and robust for artifact exhibits as well.

33.  Spray Painted Pantry

Imagine having a full pantry in the kitchen right above the cabinets! An effortless way to store kid snacks and pet food. Spray paint these floating storage shelves according to the theme and color scheme of the kitchen. You will be visually able to take a stock of all the products in the pantry with this open shelving system. Since the cabinets are placed on the lower level, they can hold all of your daily use kitchen items. You can also store away unused kitchen appliances on these floating shelves, thus leaving the counter tops clutter free.

4. Hand Painted Wallpaper

A hand painted wallpaper can introduce a complete makeover for any room, you just need to create eccentric patterns out of bold colors on the wall. Match this contrast with hanging photo frames that display your nostalgic passion for photography with multiple picture collages. You can implement this idea on the bare walls of the hallway and fashion out a fluid art gallery with spot lighting. Thus, this visual treat will be an instant conversation starter among the guests who visit your gorgeous abode.

  1. Chic Office Work

In the age of working from home you obviously need a space that can be called your own. Especially if you are residing in a tiny apartment that lacks proper office space, convert your bedroom wall into a compact work space with wooden shelves. You really do not need to break the bank for carving a niche out of an exisiting bare wall in any room. Place a high-end chair along with a posh work desk. These wooden shelves can also be used as wall displays, add your work trophies, inspirational quotes, photo frames, art work, faux flower exhibits, knick knacks and memorabilias. They make for the perfect zoom background during virtual meetings.

Thus Love Kankei give you the ultimate makeover with these handmade interior products. Amp up your interior drama by incorporating these products for a bespoke feel in every living space. Thus you will end up modernizing your timeless home within an enviable budget without compromising on its momentous value.

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