8 Best Decorating Trends For Upcoming Years!

Timeless, classy and chic decor trends are something that will remain for ages. Whether you choose to renovate your home or just keep things up to date, there are gorgeous styles that can be tailored in a long-lasting décor makeover. We bring to you ritzy and progressive interior decor themes that will be a hit for the upcoming years.

Statement Laundry Room:

We get it that there will be space constraints in a petite styled apartment; your laundry area is bound to be cluttered with soiled cloth bags. Now you can completely transform them into a statement feature with open wall shelves display flanked on either side of a chalk board wall. Write down inspirational quotes, put up pictures with magnetic pins on the board and even note down the schedule of the day on the chalkboard wall. Sturdy wood racks can be used as extra storage to keep towels, wicker baskets filled with washing supplies, pet supplies and other potpourri. Turn the wooden shelves into a green oasis by adding potted plants as finishing touches.

Fireplace Exuberance:

Have you ever thought about creating an attractive fireplace corner by adding wooden shelves above the mantle? Store vintage music records, wooden logs during winter, add Christmas decorations, tiny collectibles and small picture frames with exotic vacation destinations. Turn the space into a calm retreat by adding leather furniture and woollen throw rug.

Gems and Pleasure:

All your glittering jewels deserve a space where they can be sheltered from dust and filth, also become the focal points of any given living space. Jewelry stands are unsullied usable systems of organization that keep all of your jewels long lasting for years. Exhibit all of your statement neck pieces, rings, bracelets and earrings on these stands. They come in a functional three tier design with a rustic wooden base. You can decorate your side tables, dress up your bathroom vanity and use them as attractive bed heads on open shelves. These stands allow you to store all of your jewels with any tangling and conked out pieces issue.

Mood boards for inspiration:

Draw inspiration from classic mood boards for your daily routine or office work. Install wooden shelving on bare office walls and decorate them with your choice of goal setting quotes, words, pictures and books. This open shelving concept is a great way to store away office items and trophies too. An excellent way to create a successful mood board for work from home inspiration, you can keep switching up the style during festive and special occasions in your home office.

Foyer Chic:

Floral wallpapers with appealing patterns are a rich way to keep traditions alive, large printed ones with metallic hues are ageless. You can decorate your foyer with these bold textures, add varied picture collage frames that will enhace the vibe and invoke nostalgic memories that one can cherish through out the year. You can switch up the artwork, flower vases and add decorative mirrors on open wooden shelves for a dynamic effect.

Non-white Dinner Space:

Forget the pristine white dining space with trimmed lace table work and impeccable white chairs around the round table. Instead opt for a bold, earthy wooden look with refurbished furniture pieces and brightly colored chairs. Adorn the wall with natural wood shelves to store away wine glasses and plates. Flank the corner walls with tier corner wall shelves and grow a herb garden in an unexpectedly tiny space. Talk about garnishing your meals with these healthy greens right at the table.

Antique Love:

Bring out those family antique pieces and proudly display them on open floating shelves. You can create an elegant wall storage solution for all your antiques with these wooden shelves. Now, instead of putting away your old family heirlooms and statement pieces in a dusty attic you can display them above the floor and just below the ceiling on these shelves. Create a stunning antique wall exhibit instead of a gallery wall in the passageway, vintage art is making a huge comeback, your guests will love the story behind each unique piece and they can turn out to be the main focal point for ambient homes.

Bathroom basics:

A lone standing claw-foot bath tub eludes romance and charm in the master bathroom, install one and stay longer in a hot spa like bath experience after a long tiring day. By adding subtle wooden shelves at the back wall of the tub, you can store away all your bathing and body oil essentials for an aromatic bath indulgence. These shelves can also be decorated with fragrant candles, chunky jewels on stands and curated art work for a jazzy New York vibe in the bathroom.

Thus Love Kankei decor products allow you to stay on top of the trend list with their magnificent collection. Whether your style is laid-back, contemporary or vintage you will find decor for every niche, their functionality is their added advantage that makes these interior products futuristic.

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