Beautiful Ideas to Decorate Your Food with Tiered Serving Platters

Everyone loves a perfect presentation, food tastes good when the presentation is good. Love-KANKEI has decided to make it special, with every serving you will find something very delicious and adorable.

Throwing an elegant afternoon tea party or playing the glamorous host? Have you dream of displaying your delicacies like a royal household for the guests? Then we have the ideal accessory you need for your kitchen.

Parties can be fun where you finally get the chance to serve your loved ones with scrumptious meals. Ladies who love to host club parties at home will love this food display stands that meet all of your desired expectations. Everyone will envy you for your taste in imperial standards with the Love-KANKEI serving trays. Family luncheons and birthday parties can now enjoy your personal food touch.

These stands have a sturdy rectangular metal base that does not allow things to get wobbly under pressure. You can effortlessly exhibit a large platter of fruits, freshly baked delicacies and decadent cooking on its three different tiered levels.

The detachable platters are designed out of high-grade porcelain and can be used for microwave and oven cuisine. It remains spic and spans even inside the dishwasher, with no breakage and messy surface that will be ridden with scratches. You can also use the porcelain platters individually without the stands for a handsome breakfast platter in the morning. Put it in a serving tray and take pleasure in having your breakfast on bed.

Storage is not an issue because these delicately fashioned stands can fit in any space smoothly after being used.

When it comes to Food:

These stands were an ornamental tradition during the 19th century fashioned out of bamboo wood to display food as an art. They just got embellished with modern material with time. People still use these tiered serving platters to show off their fancy food from time to time. Passing the hors d’oeuvres on the family table has never looked so fascinating with the trays laden with appetizers, statement food, and fruits of all kinds.

Create an Instagram worthy cake display for a wedding or any special occasion. The three tiers will allow your creativity to be placed on different levels. They also save space on the buffet table with multiple delicacies on the platter at once. So if there is a variety of cheese on one, then the scones and biscuits can decorate the other. Also, your dinner table will look full in spite of a limited supply of edibles; it’s always quality over quantity.

Versatile uses of a Three-Tiered Stand:

Apart from food, you can also put them to use in a number of creative ways. Throwing a colorful birthday party? Then these tiered serving stands can be ideal for displaying tiny wrapped return gifts. They also look attractive for an outdoor garden party; these stands can hold name cards on the table. They can also compliment as a centerpiece decorated with flowers for a wedding reception party.

Love-KANKEI applies realism and flexibility with its products; no two home decor accessories are the same. They all have a unique purpose and usable factor; it is the right choice to invest in these beautiful tiered serving platters to enhance your food display goals. After all, everyone loves a good meal and stunning food photography to show off on social media.

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