Home Decoration Ideas For Upcoming Xmas Season

Soft pine decor, stockings on the mantle, tall Christmas tree and lots of wreaths all over the windows and doors, it’s the most favorite time of the year! We like to embellish our living space with exquisite Christmas decor, these gorgeous features are something we look forward to all year long. Love Kankei interior products are designed for exhibiting your priced holiday staples, we are suggesting some cheerful and merry decor tips to keep the festive glow alive this Xmas season.

Change the color palette:

Red and green are the normal Christmas palettes that one adhere’s too while creating a stunning decor. But we can safely say that hanging pastel pink wreaths, artificial pine trees that come in tones of silver and gold over wooden floating shelves and using multi-colored fairy lights all over the house can become a welcoming change.

Winter Wonderland display:

Have you ever thought of a low budget Xmas wall display that will astound your guests? Yes, we are talking about a lit up Christmas village on the wooden shelves. A gorgeous exhibit that will cover your living room wall, decorate your shelves with elves, tiny homes, faux pine trees of small size, tiny shops and cotton to represent snow. Then light this up with dainty fairy lights, this beautiful winter scene will be a replica of the winter wonderland that is outside.

Vintage Card Scene:

Some memories are sentimental and personal just like old Christmas cards, use up the corner wall shelves to flaunt vintage cards. Complete the country charm with classic Christmas glass balls of different color. You can customize these balls by painting reindeer, Santa, and winter scenes on it with glitter. Another fun way is to use up the bare wall of the passageway to create a wall Christmas tree by pasting old hand written cards. Place a wicker basket underneath to collect gifts, holiday mails and festive knick knacks.

Cookie’s Galore:

You’ll never have enough holiday cookies, especially in the flavors of ginger and frosting. Forget about cluttering your kitchen counter tops, dining table and kitchen island with cookie jars. Install rustic wooden wall shelves on the kitchen walls right above the cabinets to organize a full display of all the festive snacks like cookies and sweets. Label the jars with cute stickers and enjoy a memorable bake session with your family without the need to worry about storage space.

Picture Wreaths:

Hanging photo frames can be converted into budget friendly wreaths that can be hung around the mantle, windows, bed headboard, and in the entryway. The wooden pegs that hold up the photo collage can be painted into green, golden and red for a festive spirit. Exhibit pictures from the previous Christmas celebrations, mistletoe, a flurry of seasonal greetings and nostalgic winter trips for a personalized effect.

Jewelry Stand:

Galvanize your decor by hanging Christmas glass balls, bells, stars and other decorations along with your jewels. You can either combine jewels and decoration together or completely use the rustic jewelry stand as adding decor feature for side tables, entryway tables and dining tables. This will an extravagant unconventional piece of luxury while displaying your choicest Chirstmas decor. Placing mirrors along with these classic stands will enhance their visual vibes.

Love Kankei will allow you to parade your seasonal spirit in style, the numerous choices in wall shelves, rustic wooden displays, food tiers and wall crafts will spoil your attention. Now play dress up with your house and spread the holiday cheer to all who enter it with festive joy and peace.

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