6 Kitchen Cabinet Spaces Saving Ideas Keep You Hassle Free

Your kitchen needs a warm, inviting ambiance since it is the place where families, especially ladies spend a major part of the day. A cold, cluttered and stoic kitchen means you will feel less inspired to whip up delicious meals during the day. Space is a constraint with all the pots, pans, cutlery and jars. For tight kitchen spaces that need an uplift, you may follow our cabinet creation ideas to gain ample counter area.

The area above the window is left empty most of the time, building a neat set of rustic wall shelves in this space will add extra facelift to the window. Large bay windows will look elaborate with a display of your chinaware and exquisite art in the form of pictures, paintings and serving trays in unique shapes on these vintage racks. You can glamorize the window with lace curtains.

rustic wall shelves

Adding a floating glass shelf over the backsplash to store away all the glass, cutlery and wine needs is a masterpiece when it comes to designing kitchen decor. The effect is almost invisible and the items seem to be exhibited midair. It looks unique and stylish with an attractive backsplash in the background. The whole set up with a match with any theme going on in the kitchen.

Iron pots and pans hanging rack with hooks is recommended for easy access while cooking elaborate meals and an easy method to store them away with clashing and banging in the drawers. You can segregate the pots according to their size or use on the rack and hanging them will also let them naturally air dry after use.

Kitchen wall shelves

Kitchen wall shelves need not be limited to the lower part of the walls, expand vertically to have floating shelves a higher level. Be strategical while storing away limited edition items and appliances that do not need constant use in the kitchen. These items can be kept on the vertical shelves and accessed by a sliding ladder. You can even create a mini pantry up there if you lack pantry space below.

A genuinely chic statement piece would be to install copper piping shelving around the sink and the kitchen countertops to hang on hooks your collection of mugs and cups along with basic cookware. It will take off the load from the countertops and you can conveniently use this area for prepping and actual cooking.  

An antique storage unit like an étagère can be placed on the floor or near the kitchen window to hold all your recipe books and other knick-knacks. It can also be multi-purposed to put away all the bowls.

Love-Kankei based on all your kitchen storage needs has an exclusive range of shelving that works seamlessly with any theme or decor. Their traditional wide wooden shelves can hold your entire cutlery and also double up as art exhibit space for the kitchen. The wrought iron handle can be re-painted according to your choice and then installed on the walls. All the chaos can be hidden above the counter and ground level. Excellent camouflage for all your cooking needs Love-Kankei shelving units are a match made in heaven for any homemaker with refined decor taste.






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